Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I finally finished this RAK card.....something I started too long ago to want to admit!!! I have belonged in this particular RAK group for over 5 years now, some of us have participated from day one....some have come and gone and come back...and recently, we welcomed a few new names! It keeps me creating...however...last year, I went through a huge crafting slump...which I'm finally pulling out of...finally finally finally.... and I was (ashamed) a tad bit late with my part of the last 6 month run! (We rejoin every 6 months)....so, this is CATCH UP! I wish I had started with a few extra from the get go...but I made just enough for the previous group...I would have liked to throw a couple extra in the mail for the new ladies in our group! I'm afraid if I go to the starting mode again...it will take another 6 months to finish! (Actually about a year! The images were colored with my Copics LAST SPRING!)

This was also the card that I impulsively grabbed supplies to finish for a couple of months ago! (It wasn't even the original group I started these for either! I just happened to make the exact amount!)

I had never used this set...and wanted to "run" with it...I guess you can say I crawled with it. LOL!


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  1. Trudi

    I ADORE THIS CARD!!!!!! What set of stamps are these? I have to know!!!!

    Marilyn C.