Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Friends


I just hit a button and now I have a whole new writing format for my blog!  I will have to play with it to learn bear with me!

So, here is what I want to say....before it's December, I wanted to get the last little bit of fall on my blog....and along with that is the result of a card that I started in 2008!!!!  This card required a LOT of cutting little details, designing and refiguring...I refused to send it out "after the matter" and so a few years have come and gone and it was still left undone in my little box .... (I have about 6 "boxes"....this year was my year to "finish"....I cleaned my studio, added new storage (my daughter's hand me down dresser!)....and I tackled what I think has been a huge factor in my inability to let my creative self out of my stumbling block of a cage being myself.  I can also blame things on "life" in general...I've had some pretty ugly cards dealt to me over the last 4 years....and I'm not one to take the bad hands very well...I'm pretty self-destructive in that category. My life has been filled with huge, when it is MY turn to deal with sadness...I simply do not and did not know how to "deal"....

Over the summer, my pastor asked me...Trudi, how HAVE you overcome these last few years?  You appear to be a strong individual...I think you would be good for others who are faced with tragedy...just how do you cope?  (If she only knew...not well...I guess I appear to be strong?)  This was all told to me during a casual conversation at our local club, where my son in his neckbrace was enjoying the 100 degree weather splashing around like other boys his age....

I think it was about that time that I decided it was time to get through my obstacles...and face the music.  My response to her was somewhat "made up on the spot"...but as I drove home that day....I thought about it and thought about it....I either need to accept what fate is mine...or simply not....and by not accepting "fate" basically to deny living....I could continue to be down in "that valley" that I've been getting quite used to...or I can choose to reach the peak of the climb climb climb I do....and will, I'm not ready to exist at the base of the mountain....

Here is what I I climb back to the top....I've had help....lots of from family...although my traged(ies) have been their tragedies too...we have bonded together....when my son was diagnosed with the tumor this was my sister who dried my tears in the waiting room...and my family was with me 24/ midnight as I sat with his was family who anxiously waited by the phone to hear my tears of joy...and it was FRIENDS....friends, who also reached out with encouragement...who listened when my niece was killed, who were with me every step of the way with my son's surgery and who recently sent prayers for my Mom, who is also a walking miracle today.....

As I ramble on and on and on....I can't say much I have appreciated so and everyday is the "season of friendship"....I know it's just a card...but the sentiment is one that has huge meaning...

Thank you my friends, from the bottom of my heart!


Friday, November 18, 2011

6:00 Friday Night

And...I wanna go home!!! Wanna Wanna Wanna! Waaa Waaa Waaaa....It's crazy busy here....and I hope that some day soon, I will have time to actually see what kind of business we are doing. The paperwork part is getting neglected. As long as I pay our suppliers promptly, I guess I'll worry about the rest "later"....

Anyhow, while rummaging through my craft studio...I came across this looks rather "autumny" and thought I'd share. This was made in my pre-sewing machine stitching days, I see the faux cross stitches....also...early button days too...these are way too geometrical for current style is to slant them somehow...I am consistent with the odd number rule though...3 buttons are better than 2, much more pleasing on me eyes! Oh dear...the card I just finished only had TWO! YIKES! Well, it did have 3 "elements"...that will have to do!~

Come back in about 3-4 days, and I will have that puppy promised, I want the recipients to see first! I'm thinking some of those recipients pop on here once in awhile, you know who you are! LOL!

In the is a PARTY MOOSE....something which I want to be doing in about 45 minutes...after I tidy up my desk to make my coming in to work over the weekend...a little easier! ha! I guess it's better than no business!



Wednesday, November 16, 2011

MIA for awhile

It's the season, and I'm a bit crazy at, have had the 2nd scare of the year with a near sudden tragedy, this time concerning my Mom. She had to have emergency surgery on her spine for a spinal cord injury...I'll skip the scary stuff...this was right up there scary....but all ended well...and she, like my son, is a walking miracle. I'm so ready for 2011 to leave. It's almost like it has been hexed!

This all happened last week, this week, I'm in a very happy place. Busy with chocolate...yes...and about ready to land a very big account...this cold calling stuff isn't that bad...I'm getting good at it! When and if I get an order ... I'll post a picture of who it's for. I have to keep you in suspense, don't I? hahaha Actually...I want to keep it quiet for now, just in case I don't get a PO. The buyer was uber excited, and we are fast becoming, I'm optimistic...but...I have said the same thing over the years....sometimes it works out....sometimes it doesn't....I will give a hint....

April ... and opening day .... something to that effect ... although, an order would go out earlier than that ... cross fingers and hope I don't strike out on it ... (oh what a sense of humor I have!) I *might* know in a couple of days! SNOWED today...YUK...I don't like all...and...GOOD NEWS!!! My dear daughter was offered a spot on the U14's volleyball team this year...pretty good, since she is only 11. I'm not saying this because I'm her Mom...but, I suspect the game will be a part of our lives for many years to way beyond high school....we saw this in her play when she was only 8 and playing with 12 year olds. She can hit like a rocket...(serves) and is ready to set way before the ball even comes near her...she knows where the ball is going before it crosses the I know what I'm talking's fun to watch...and I'm thrilled for her. You never "really" know until you "get the call"...there were 106 girls at tryouts...and sadly only 30 spots to fill...she played this club last year, never know. I'll be making lots of citrus green/black and white things for the next season...goes til prepared!

I have a card to post in the next few days. I really want the ladies who are receiving them in the mail to get them before I post a now...this pic will have to work! This is an old picture...she had just turned 9 and had learned that killer serve!