Thursday, December 8, 2016

Don't be scared of Holiday Crazy!

I'm a little late posting these....sort of....I say "sort of" ... since believe it or my chocolate world/business...we are already working on March/Spring orders. (Not actual production, but lining them up)...Christmas is kind of officially "over" in my world, just last minute panic orders...all the big stuff is gone. (We own a specialty food business, mainly service corporate customers, but dabble a little bit in selling to retailers, which is what we started with 30 years ago....and we occasionally get direct orders too...)

You will find no contact info on here for a reason....(our logo is there though) ... our website is setup for our distributors to send their clients too....I love the world of marketing, and we created this site for those who sell our products to very large companies...

Anyhow, back to my very late card ... I started making these on Halloween, 2015 .... and sent them out Halloween 2016 .... I planned on mailing them to craft friends, but family members snatched them up, shipped with Halloween gifts! I suspect there will be a new Halloween card for 2017, so I'm not waiting until next year to show what I did...I've sparked my creative gene, and feel inspired lately. I'm working on a series of Christmas cards right now....

Cutesy (check)
Religious (almost check, will be finished in a day or 2)
Vintage (started something very labor intensive, dreamt another design up...and it is finished in my mind....)

These 3 will be uploaded before Christmas! I'm having a ton of fun!

Anyhow....I struggled on the sentiment inside this card, and the need to mail/ship with Halloween treats was prior to before I came up with something I liked better....was thinking "I've Got My Eyes on You" or something in that category....but never followed through...

So...Happy Belated Halloween! This was a fun Stampin' Up! set that is a mix and match sort of thing~! The little bats are strategically place, mainly where I made "rocking" ink boo boos....yes, every little flaw bugs me...and I find ways to hide and fix. Not all were goofed up...but, I had a few that I had to place the bat over a ink imperfection!

The "gifts" were really not all dressed up....those, I personally sent to a few people in my family...the other gifts, I did not get a picture of...but, we put 40 or so fancy sandwich cookies inside a pumpkin trick or treat pail...along with the card...these went to a hospital staff ... sort of an office gift thing....similar to the candy kabobs picture here....

Til next Halloween! Don't let the stress of the holidays scare you!