Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dinking Around

I have done NOTHING today. My daughter was icky sick late last night...(midnight)...she had a friend over, whose mom came and got husband was out of town at a funeral, son over at a friends house....when the mom came....we discovered a squished kitten in my garage....(long story)...I think I went over the edge about then...between that and cleaning up....I said "I AM DOING NOTHING TODAY". Now, after eating lots of cookie dough...I feel like I need to go lay down.

This was the very first Crafty Secrets set that I purchased. I (heart) this company so much...and especially find this a "go to" place when I feel like creating anything Vintage! Hope you all are enjoying your days off.....I am heading down the carpeted stairs in a couple of minutes...after I rest the cookie dough off!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Here's the Scoop

I've been waiting for an opportunity to tell you a bit of why I do things the way I do, or rather why I spell or write some of my words the way I do. I often wonder what people think when they see poor spelling, or things written a bit funny...blame it all to poor proof reading.....

I typically don't have a lot of time when I upload and, once in awhile, you will see something that doesn't read right, or might be spelled wrong....I clicked publish too fast...and got distracted, promised myself to "fix" later...and never did.

Back in the day....I would be HORRIFIED to know I submitted a thesis paper, or brochure or whatever with a typo on it....but, time has made me relax a bit on that. It's probably the "couldn't color out of the lines" part of me...that contributes to high thankful I am allowing myself to be a bit "sloppy" every now and then, probably a lot more now than then! (It's not a good way to be ... I tend to craft slow because of this perfectionist personality trait.)

Another thing I wanted to share....there are 2 words in the English language ... (I guess in Spanish, German or any language for that matter)...that I take very very seriously, therefore, I am careful when I use these words....


I once heard a person at a basketball game, years and years ago...say they "prayed" we would win. That's ok for people to do so, for them...but for me....I can't pray for a game. I'm going to limit my opinion because of the sensitivity of faith is personal, so, my opinion needs to remain personal...but, I can share....I have prayed for health and healing...never things like games. I've prayed for my family and friends...and do so knowing my prayers are important to me.


I love people...I love life....I love being a Mom...daughter....a wife too (most of the time anyway), my family, my get the picture.

I have a hard time LOVING designer paper, stamps, even food (unless I was food deprived)...Love is like praying to me....used too loosely, for me, loses a bit of meaning...not saying this needs to be for everybody, as I mentioned, this is a personal opinion) SO....this is why I say LUV instead of LOVE....

Now for my blog picture...this is a novelty we do for all kinds of can be filled with coffee beans, and all kinds of an ad specialty is used as a "Here's The Scoop". I never made the baby card I wanted to...I (shock) bought one instead! I've been enjoying watching my kids playing sports....I don't like how fast they are growing up...these 2 "loves" of my life are my world, and so, if it means I buy a card and get the sleep I need...the world won't stop spinning!



Friday, May 21, 2010


When I make a sympathy card, I like to make extra to have on never "plan" these cards, and I have found that in the past...I am inappropriately slow at mailing out my sincerest thoughts to friends who have sadly said goodbye to a loved one for the last time.

Recently, I made a pile of cards...and used them immediately. I've needed to finish my next batch, and these too, sadly have addressed envelopes waiting.

Tonight, I am making a baby card for my niece's shower tomorrow. I guess the circle of life ... from sadness to complete joy. I'm not going to make a pile of baby cards though...I can't think of too many nieces who should be having babies YET!!!

My card here...I had FULL intent of putting a stamped image on it...I TRIED AND TRIED...I even have 5 images stamped on premium cardstock and colored in Copics...they just didn't work...I luv the of SU new acrylic stamp sets...(which are extremely high quality, I might add)....It just didn't WORK!!! So, rather than go on a 6 month vacation from card making...I nixed the image and went with Cricut instead. If I were to start over...yes, there are changes I would make...but, I really want to get these cards mailed...

Hopefully, my baby card will fall into place easily! It has to...the shower is tomorrow ... noonish!

I will post a picture of it...on Monday!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tropical Stuff

I would not normally have us paint the parrot like the one on the left, this was a customer request. In fact, I was hoping we would be painting/pouring the hibiscus flower for the upcoming event! The client chose the parrot! This is my chocolate life right now!!!

As far as papercrafting. I DID create a card...but I was not proud of, I did not take a picture of it before it was given with the sponser gift. My son's team sponser attending our game and threw the first pitch even!!! As team mom...I made a's not all full of bling bling, was acknowledging our sponser...without sponsers, we wouldn't have the ball club that we have!

I am slowly finishing a card, that is not just coming to me....I miss those days, where it all comes together without thinking....I have been thinking way too much lately, and my mind wants/needs a rest....I was poking around in my studio this morning though, and I know what my cards, maybe later...I'll be off to buy a little supply or 2!

Bye for now!


Thursday, May 13, 2010


I've been a bit MIA for awhile. Just have a lot on my plate...and struggling with it. I am almost finished with a card, so hopefully my energy will be up to a late night tonight...I really have the inspiration, just never seem to have the energy!

This card was an invite for my son's 5th birthday party. We had a treasure hunt in the backyard, tattoos and all kinds of booty. He will be 9 fairly soon and is already in the planning stage of his special day! I'm glad my kids are still at that age, where birthdays are special and their worries are limited to what kind of cake to have! I just celebrated my birthday over the seemed like just "a day".... I hope my kids can keep that birthday excitement for as long as they can....I'm trying my best at guaranteeing that!

You will be seeing baseball invites this year....we are planning a night at the ballpark...we have a minor league team here....should be exciting!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010


My weekend was supposed to be a do-over weekend...but, was filled with tension and stress. My husband is coaching our son's baseball...and there was a serious injury with all kinds of fireworks along with it. Long story, and it involves another person's child, so I won't was serious and remains to stress...stress...stress...

In the meantime, my son was put on the mound for the very first time in his life. I think my husband is reliving his life too...he will never praise himself, but his baseball career was one that trust me ... had he not thrown his elbow out on a 96 mph pitch...I may not have met him, but may be watching him on TV. (at 18 he was drafted major league)...long, fast forward...30 years's a little him out there! I suspect this was a moment for Dad as much as for son...that will be one I need to scrapbook, as how special it was. I have all these scrapbook moments...and SO LITTLE TIME!

So, for's pictures.