Sunday, November 7, 2010

Getting in the Holiday Card Making Mood

I'm not going ANYWHERE fact, I'm making a pot roast and spending my day in my studio!!! I see my unfinished project all over the table, and I'm I finish it, save it for the next early autumn season to send to my friends...or send it late...I'm thinking save it...but..then I I finish it NOW or put it off to the side and start something else? I think I want to at least finish the design....the project is time sensitive, and although I could mail it...I'd rather wait when it means RAK group...if you are still in the group next Septemberish....I've started your RAK! LOL!!!

In the meantime....I'm a huge fan of gingerbread houses.....I may have posted this before, sorry if I did...this was one of those really labor intensive cards....but fun to do...

Have a great day!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Smack Dab in the Middle of Production

Things are going rather smoothly. I'm in a tradeshow tomorrow, and do not plan on getting any of it ready until tomorrow...beyond that...I'm happy with progress....haven't had a chance to get into my craft room though...another couple of weeks and that will change. November is our busy month as the stores need holiday delivery December...we are somewhat back to normal...for now...I'm getting pallets of product ready to go and UPS shipments out the door, all shipped to retailers scattered throughout the country....

Today...this was my fun...about 450 pounds of this....700 bags total...that, plus much more! The ones I am working on now differ slightly, as they have a corporate logo on the's hard for me to keep my hands out of the's so good...and when under stress...I tend to "eat" the profits, so to speak! Sorry about the black "mat" see little bits of white chocolate on picture taking is literally spur of the moment...usually for me to have as a graphic to refer to when I receive custom orders....I often photograph chocolate unwrapped AND avoid glare...anyhow...not that savvy with the process, but, I've improved tremendously since my first attempts, 10 years ago...when we got our first digital camera!

How about the recent Gypsy download for those of you who own a Gypsy!!!! That's pretty exciting!!!!! I struggled through the sync...but, well worth the wait!