Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Second post for the day....VALENTINES!

This finishing up...after the matter is fun! I plan on mailing these out Valentines 2018....I have more to make with...all the images from just one piece of designer paper! Vintagey looking ... and fun to work with. I'm glad I gave making the actual focal point of a card out of the designer paper...I resisted for so long because I love the stamping part and thought I might miss out on some fun. That being said, there is plenty of ink and stamping on these cards! I made a miniature replica of a notebook piece of paper with a background stamp, stamped a little distress look on it....BE MINE...and little hearts. The red cardstock is stamped with LINEN background stamp. I used my sizzix (now that's a dinosaur tool..yep, I still use my red sizzix) ... I used one of my favorite Cricut cartridges (Graphically Speaking) for the note paper. Now for the good part....once the design was decided, it only took a couple of hours to make.

The other 6 images I have are more Victorian, will do similar but with different colors...stand by for pics of those some time next week!

So for definitely was a social media day, refreshing my knowledge and memory of uploading my craft items. I rely on my pictures for quotes in my chocolate design world, it was nice doing something more for pure labor of love. I sort of played hooky today, but to be honest, a few of my chocolate customers are so so so savvy in computer things, that I'm going to join forces and become savvy too.... that being said, I'm sharing that info because you are my friends...not my victims of my learning curve of social media!!!

Stay tuned for more and more....and when I do get links up for the Adams Place Country Gourmet, Inc. side of my life, I'll add....I'm having too much fun with cards today! ;)

Toodles,part 2!


First and Last!

Sort of a scary title'm not implying my last post/creation/yada yada yada.....

I have been bitten by the crafting bug again, but just haven't shared on my blog....I hope to get in the spirit of things again, now that I have a new Smart TV in my craft room...I can do a Netflix marathon while I stamp/stich/bow and button up!

While looking for some long lost supply (that after the matter, I found it in plain sight...go figure)...I stumbled upon the VERY FIRST CARD I ever made and sent out for Christmas....we are talking about 21-25 years ago...a long long time...and many many many $$$$$$ of dollars of supplies since then...I decided to share my very FIRST and my LAST (completed) Christmas card I designed. (I already have 2017 started, but need a little tweak here and there)

My first card....I was inspired by a class I attended at a local craft store.....

It was in my early early days....I even made hand made envelopes ....I probably don't need much explanation of the "how I did it"....

Now for my latest, and seriously one of my most favorite cards I have ever made. Favorite because I had tons of fun with each little step I made, and this, trust me...had many steps.

It is sort of "accordian" but I adhered a couple pages at the back. I know I had a good reason at the time, I really wanted this to stay shut and that seemed to do the trick.....many of the images are doubles stamped...I stamped in one color, True Thyme, a favorite color from my Stampin' UP! days...truly the BEST color ever out was a special color that was introduced for a short time. I have hoarded my True Thyme card stock and it was my go to for this project! The second color stamped over the original True Thyme images is metallic, if there is a slight blurry are right, there is...but up adds a little mystery and subtle shimmer to the images...this is where that Stampa Majig came in handy! The rest is pretty self explanatory, yep, you see pirate gold embossing, some sparkle glitter, Platinum in this case.... And the canvas "sleeve" PURE IMPULUSE on my part. I decided to visit a craft store (who needs to when their entire craft room is a store)...(I used my Michaels coupon to buy a copic marker and came out with canvas)...

Anyhow...if I were to recreate, I'm sure it wouldn't take as long since I have the design down. But oh how fun...I find the little surface to design isn't as complex as a big scrapbook page, you do run out of room, so it's easy that way. Yet...I always manage to find ways to keep it labor intense! In the meantime, I made these with a few of my friends in mind, and wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Unfortunately, not all my friends got one, as I felt I needed to let go of a few of these to "relatives" know, the ones who I'm not sure are as appreciative of a hand made card as my crafting friends, but relatives that I hold near and dear just the same...(I guess what I'm saying here is I'll probably recreate to send to others next year, just I'll get a good may have to substitute my True Thyme...yikes)

Here are a couple more views ... the little tag is tucked under the sentiment on the last for a to and from....

So there you go...FIRST and LAST .... with about 25 years in between!

I just finished a few Valentines Cards....(for 2018, I missed the deadline this year! hahahaha) check back...I remembered my password for my blog!

Til next time!