Thursday, September 30, 2010

I LOVE these kids!~

It's been a week since my last post, and I do have something almost finished to share...ALMOST...LOL...we know how my almost can be!!! I MIGHT be making pickles again tonight...we have perfect pickling cucumbers with NO home...I hate to see us throw them out...we are about ready to call that season OVER. I'm uber busy with chocolate right now, and feel that my priorities need to shift to my business...I won't miss the hard work of picking those nasty 4-1/2 LONG rows of cucumbers though!!! In the meantime, this picture was taken this time of year, 4 years how time flies. This is one of my ultimate favorite pictures of my 2 blessings....not only siblings, but the best of friends...I think I will put this picture on my desktop to remind them how much they mean to each other...WHEN THEY ARE FIGHTING OVER who has to do what or who gets what or who x'd the chair or whose turn it is to do what...WHAT being whatever you can imagine my kidlets can dream up. At the end of the day....I have to beam with pride, knowing how much these 2 mean to me and how much they love each other. crafty picture coming soon!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good Fortune

Ko Neechi Wa (I know, Japanese not Chinese)....I wanted to get this uploaded before now....I designed this card for a RAK group that I'm in...and *typically* I would wait for the group to receive their cards before I post...but...(gasp)...I see I have not uploaded ANYTHING NEW for so so long...and....recently I have my creative energy in overdrive (yippee!), I thought I better get this up before I lose my momentum....(my momentum has been hibernating for about a year now...considering I've done the late night (papercrafting) thing for over 13 years or so...(before that, it was something else....I LUV to embroidery) I WAS PROBABLY DUE!!!!

I'm mailing my cards out TODAY, so today it is that I post it on my blog...I noticed a little funny today...for those of you who read my may have learned that I own a chocolate business...I'm getting ready to make a shipment to Maryland today...and it occurred to me...this order MATCHES my cards!!!! Since it's a fortune cookie order....I COULDN'T RESIST taking a picture together!

I have another card in the making...I put it off (the idea) because I wanted to do a "simple" card...and just the thought of it didn't seem simple....well, the other night...I decided just to "fiddle" with the idea...and guess labor intensive card isn't as labor intense as I thought...either that...or it's so flippin fun to make that I'm not noticing it! LOL!!! I plan to mail IT out to my RAK group on Monday (you see, I have been a tad bit slow...this will catch me up!)...look forward to something NEW again!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!! I have lots of plans for October!!!!! (creatively, that is!)


Friday, September 10, 2010

Turkey Trot

I'm not sure I've ever posted this picture...but this was the first Fun Run I have ever participated was Thanksgiving 2008....I would luv to participate this year, but am recovering from a very painful condition called Plantars Fasciitis...I feel like my HEELS are podiatrist (yes, I have one!!!) told me that he didn't think my heels were fractured....I'm feeling a little sad over all of this, but I am putting things in perspective....I walked into his office and could have stood (not enough chairs in the waiting room)....I can't say that for the others...I'll count my blessings and keep quiet!

I'm off the streets for now, and unplugged my a couple of weeks...I hope to report differently!

I made this and framed it for a gift to my dear sister for Christmas. I made one for me too, but have yet to attach my leaves....hmmmmmmmm...perhaps a project I should buckle down and finish!