Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good Fortune

Ko Neechi Wa (I know, Japanese not Chinese)....I wanted to get this uploaded before now....I designed this card for a RAK group that I'm in...and *typically* I would wait for the group to receive their cards before I post...but...(gasp)...I see I have not uploaded ANYTHING NEW for so so long...and....recently I have my creative energy in overdrive (yippee!), I thought I better get this up before I lose my momentum....(my momentum has been hibernating for about a year now...considering I've done the late night (papercrafting) thing for over 13 years or so...(before that, it was something else....I LUV to embroidery) I WAS PROBABLY DUE!!!!

I'm mailing my cards out TODAY, so today it is that I post it on my blog...I noticed a little funny today...for those of you who read my may have learned that I own a chocolate business...I'm getting ready to make a shipment to Maryland today...and it occurred to me...this order MATCHES my cards!!!! Since it's a fortune cookie order....I COULDN'T RESIST taking a picture together!

I have another card in the making...I put it off (the idea) because I wanted to do a "simple" card...and just the thought of it didn't seem simple....well, the other night...I decided just to "fiddle" with the idea...and guess labor intensive card isn't as labor intense as I thought...either that...or it's so flippin fun to make that I'm not noticing it! LOL!!! I plan to mail IT out to my RAK group on Monday (you see, I have been a tad bit slow...this will catch me up!)...look forward to something NEW again!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!! I have lots of plans for October!!!!! (creatively, that is!)


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