Saturday, July 31, 2010

Back Home

So, I managed to get away for a few days of R&R...I've decided it's not possible, and getting readjusted is just as hard as getting ready for the 2-3 days away. During those 2-3 days...all I think about is what I've left. So, note to self....probably not a good idea to do what we just did. I truly need to seek some answers, because right now...I'm feeling a bit down about it all...long story, and I won't go into it....just a little down.

I have unfinished cards to finish, and I'm working on my little blog gift that my friend Lia will be receiving! I wish I could have had it all complete before I left...just didn't happen! I'm anxious to see my kids, they have been with their grandma for a week, maybe I'll be a bit more cheery when I see them!

This picture is of a little cocoa holder that I made a few years ago....I kept my last sample and gave it away for a, I'm glad I have a picture of it. I don't like to let go of my last sample, just in case some day I want to repeat it, or make something similar. I like to have an example....well, after 12 years or so of creating...samples are taking over my craft, I'm going to have to let go of some it someday! LOL! Since I've been a little slow at creating things, I'm glad I have pictures to share...this particular card/package...was super easy to ink is all...maybe a little work with the glitter...but fun all the same!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Little Counter

Is going to make it to 4 digits with the next person who comes onto the site....which funny could be ME after I post tends to create a "hit".... anyhow, next person...(whether you are my 1000th or not)...(plus, I already have hit that...just I have 2 little counters...this one tends to not be as ahead of the game and "misses" counts...that's ok...when I truly hit the 1000 mark...I wasn't "ready", I am now...
Anyhow, for the next person who wants to leave a little comment for me...I'll send them a little treat ... sort of a little blog candy I guess. Of course, you won't know what it is quite yet...but, I have ideas...I will correspond privately for mailing info.... the creative inspiration came BACK...In my deep-cleaned (partially deep-cleaned) house....I have a little tray of something I'm working on...I usually don't bring my works in progress out of my craft studio into other parts of my house...I even have my scor-pal out of it's "spot"....I went home at lunch and "eyed" what I'm doing...I am excited to tackle it tonight...won't leave a picture camera batteries are recharging! I'm tickled pink (or maybe I should say red & gold) that I am not "stuck" on a design! I just needed to move on from what I was doing!

I am putting up a picture of one of our most popular items though...chocolate dipped fortune cookies...each cookie has a custom message inside, dipped in chocolate and drizzled in any colors...perfect for weddings and events! I send these all over the hot nation all summer long...this week we shipped cookies to Michigan, actually had 2 orders going to 2 different locations in MI. Sent elsewhere too, just not cookies. Next week...Windermere, FL...yep, I am a meteorologist in my spare time!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I'm actually inpsired to work on something!!!!! I've had a particular set for about a year now, that I just had to have (SU)'s still current, and I really really luv it....just haven't had time or inspiration to do ANYTHING. I'm still "working" on my last card, but decided I'm going to finish it and leave it SIMPLE. It is a sympathy card, and I had attempted to put my usual "extra" on it...but, am thinking twice about that....I think simple is probably more tasteful...

Oh...and NEW RIBBON arrived today!!!!! Hopefully, I'll have an ELEMENT of my card to show you tomorrow....I'm taking my set, ink, and scissors to my daughter's piano lessons tonight!

In the meantime...this arrived at the factory today! Grinch green is IN ... now to get busy making samples and prototypes for the Seattle Giftshow, which is only ONE MONTH AWAY!!! Yep, Christmas is here at Adams Place Country Gourmet!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Deep Cleaning

I'm really not happy in my extremely messy house. I think once it gets "fixed", I might enjoy my free time more. I have my work cut out for's been years...and I just can't seem to convince my children that a garbage can is there for a reason....mind you, I'm not a neat and tidy person. I'm that "expressive" personality type A person you learned about in college....brainiac scrapbooking had me as a right brain, or was it a left brain scrapper. I know the left part of your brain is the creative portion...but I think the quiz I took had it flipflopped. Anyhow, when I took those courses, I fell into the "no rules" everything but the kitchen sink, bling bling SLOW category....I guess there are less of me than I thought...most fall into the category somewhere in between. I'll find my quiz and share the deets with you in the next few days. In fact, I'll share the whole concept...(I took a seminar...just LUVVED it!!!!)

In the plan is to take a couple days off this week...and deepclean...but, unfortunately, it took me 3 hours to clean my fridge yesterday....I'm getting a jump start on it before Thursday and Friday roll around. I really don't want my cleaning to continue on the weekend, but, I'm fearful it will...I guess it is what it is...I don't want to admit it...but, it's been literally too long to share how long it's been. I have 3 other family members also involved, maybe a little reluctant...but we all agree...we don't like living in mess.....

Today, I uncovered a project I started 3 YEARS AGO!!!!! I made a recipe box for my dear niece for Christmas, and the idea was to make more for sisters. Anyhow, the naked boxes along with the paint and dried up paint brush were found....I was doing these in the kitchen...I guess I better move them back to my studio, so I can stare at them unpainted for another 3 years! LOL!

I'm posting pictures of what I did do for my niece. I had huge inspiration from one of my favorite designers, Linda.
Like I said this was YEARS ago...I'm not sure where you would find her original posting, but....her style is awesome, if you get a ought to stop by. She's also one of the nicest craft people I've corresponded with. That too, has been over a few years...but, I remember how nice she was the few times we did e-mail back and forth!

Have a nice Monday!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


OK...I read my blog post from the other day pertaining to Farmers Market. Part of me wants to remove the post...I was -- shall I say, a little passionate about the subject? It still makes me a bit peeved....but, I'm sure it will catch up to the market eventually. I could complain loud enough that it changes, but I think I'll just let it go, and find another way for my children to learn marketing. It's not worth the negative energy....besides, all the customers who come our way support us...and luv to comment. :) Truly, my personality isn't that impulsive is it? To actually write about it on my blog? haha

We started picking peaches....I feel like a sheepdog since I have NOT ventured in my craft room. I haven't told many, but I am having some serious pain with my tailbone for awhile, at night...I just want to go lay down on a heating pad! It's been since the beginning of the new year (even before)...I'm finally convinced to go get it looked at. (how embarrassing is that?!)

I'm posting a picture of me in the past....I think this was 1982...the newspaper found me newsworthy.....


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our Sign!

My sister is visiting from Virginia...she's an artist on the side, and has had many of her paintings sell for very impressive amounts. She's always dabbled in paints, clay, and now is writing a book. She's uber creative. Anyhow, once upon a time, probably about 40 years ago...she painted our original sign that lead people into our place to buy fruit. Years later, my Mom painted one since hers was chipped, warped, etc....well....that was about 25 years ago...and we were in need of a new sign. We do have a professional sign directly in front of the driveway which leads to the salesroom...but, we need something on the edge of the property.

My sister, patience of a saint...made a memory for my children and hand drew our logo...I cut out letters on my Cricut...and my 9 and 10 year old painted the sign. This was a huge memory for the special it was for them....we need to talk my husband into putting up the sign...maybe I can take a picture of the 3 of them next to it!

The 3 of them all decided our girl looks like a GOY. (girl/boy) Given time and minus the 2 painters, I'm sure she would come out a bit different...but, this is PERFECT. It gave my kids a sense of ownership and gives my sister a piece of her childhood.

I LOVE you sis Holly...thanks for being you...I appreciated you giving my kids a part of your heart...they really LOVE their A(u)nt Holly!


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stamp News~

CHF is quitting biz! Ouch to the stamping world! I sincerely hope I see this company reappear in the future! Bummer for me, bummer for many!

As far as my life....I'm still out picking cherries. I'm not ready to call it quits yet. We wanted to take our children to Farmers Market here locally, but were advised that the markets were already saturated with cherries, but we certainly can bring our specialty line. (We have a national reach with our specialty foods...and USED to do the Farmers Markets, in fact in 1982, I was one of the first vendors with my Dad bought us a little truck and we earned college money...then, after college, I was on the Market Advisory Board...oh, and designed their first ad promo)...but got to a point where we didn't have the time...the sales were good...but no time), we thought this year...we would expose our kids to the fun of selling at a Farmers Market.

I'm a bit peeved...not ONE, but TWO directors turned us away....because they had enough cherry vendors...SO...we went "shopping" the other night to "see". What I saw....$4.00/lb for cherries...(we are selling them for $2.00/lb)....we are also WSDA (WA State Dept of Ag) APPROVED...and can provide proof of business....the young couple selling the wormy apricots ($2/lb) didn't even know what kind they were.....not to begrudge them, they didn't know....

I'm not trying to police the participants....just think that our tax dollars should count too (one of these markets originated on government grant money, and we were asked to help start the market, that it was farms like us they wanted to attract)....and no way, no how are we going to leave our produce home...we are a farm enhanced specialty food business....not a specialty food business that decided to grow a farm.

Next time we are asked to give a speech .... which we are often asked to do ... or consult ... I hope I'm not carrying this same grudge...cuz...I'm a little peeved right now....PRICE FIXING IS NOT what makes a market....oh yeah, I forgot...the director lady thinks all farmers wear straw hats, overalls and have a corncob pipe in their mouth....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Back to stamps.....I cannot wait to get my hot little hands on the new SU catalogue....I saw glimpse of it the other night....and wowie zowie....I have buying inspiration!

My photo explanation: This is HARRY the Heron. Having lived out here in this neck of the woods...I can honestly I NEVER had seen herons living nearby...BUT...when my kids (age 9 and 10) were babies....a Heron appeared...and every summer...he comes to visit....we even had a flock of "Harry(s)" here....when my kids were 4-5ish...we went to the local library (I really enjoy childrens books...I get so many creative ideas from childrens books!)....and did a little "Harry" research...

If my memory strikes...Harry is the closest LIVING animal to resemble the DINOSAURs! The flying dinosaur (was that the teradactyl? sp?) is speculated to have the same bone structure as a heron. (grammatically, should I have reversed that? The heron has the same bone structure as the flying dino? ) Oh who get my point! It's hard getting a good picture of this little creature...(little, who am I kidding....see one fly, and it's spooky...pretty large wingspan!)...

Now...don't laugh....I have actually bought craft supplies with dinosaurs on SOMEDAY SCRAPBOOK HARRY. I admit it...I just look for reasons to buy....