Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our Sign!

My sister is visiting from Virginia...she's an artist on the side, and has had many of her paintings sell for very impressive amounts. She's always dabbled in paints, clay, and now is writing a book. She's uber creative. Anyhow, once upon a time, probably about 40 years ago...she painted our original sign that lead people into our place to buy fruit. Years later, my Mom painted one since hers was chipped, warped, etc....well....that was about 25 years ago...and we were in need of a new sign. We do have a professional sign directly in front of the driveway which leads to the salesroom...but, we need something on the edge of the property.

My sister, patience of a saint...made a memory for my children and hand drew our logo...I cut out letters on my Cricut...and my 9 and 10 year old painted the sign. This was a huge memory for the kidlets...how special it was for them....we need to talk my husband into putting up the sign...maybe I can take a picture of the 3 of them next to it!

The 3 of them all decided our girl looks like a GOY. (girl/boy) Given time and minus the 2 painters, I'm sure she would come out a bit different...but, this is PERFECT. It gave my kids a sense of ownership and gives my sister a piece of her childhood.

I LOVE you sis Holly...thanks for being you...I appreciated you giving my kids a part of your heart...they really LOVE their A(u)nt Holly!


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