Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stamp News~

CHF is quitting biz! Ouch to the stamping world! I sincerely hope I see this company reappear in the future! Bummer for me, bummer for many!

As far as my life....I'm still out picking cherries. I'm not ready to call it quits yet. We wanted to take our children to Farmers Market here locally, but were advised that the markets were already saturated with cherries, but we certainly can bring our specialty line. (We have a national reach with our specialty foods...and USED to do the Farmers Markets, in fact in 1982, I was one of the first vendors with my Dad bought us a little truck and we earned college money...then, after college, I was on the Market Advisory Board...oh, and designed their first ad promo)...but got to a point where we didn't have the time...the sales were good...but no time), we thought this year...we would expose our kids to the fun of selling at a Farmers Market.

I'm a bit peeved...not ONE, but TWO directors turned us away....because they had enough cherry vendors...SO...we went "shopping" the other night to "see". What I saw....$4.00/lb for cherries...(we are selling them for $2.00/lb)....we are also WSDA (WA State Dept of Ag) APPROVED...and can provide proof of business....the young couple selling the wormy apricots ($2/lb) didn't even know what kind they were.....not to begrudge them, they didn't know....

I'm not trying to police the participants....just think that our tax dollars should count too (one of these markets originated on government grant money, and we were asked to help start the market, that it was farms like us they wanted to attract)....and no way, no how are we going to leave our produce home...we are a farm enhanced specialty food business....not a specialty food business that decided to grow a farm.

Next time we are asked to give a speech .... which we are often asked to do ... or consult ... I hope I'm not carrying this same grudge...cuz...I'm a little peeved right now....PRICE FIXING IS NOT what makes a market....oh yeah, I forgot...the director lady thinks all farmers wear straw hats, overalls and have a corncob pipe in their mouth....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Back to stamps.....I cannot wait to get my hot little hands on the new SU catalogue....I saw glimpse of it the other night....and wowie zowie....I have buying inspiration!

My photo explanation: This is HARRY the Heron. Having lived out here in this neck of the woods...I can honestly I NEVER had seen herons living nearby...BUT...when my kids (age 9 and 10) were babies....a Heron appeared...and every summer...he comes to visit....we even had a flock of "Harry(s)" here....when my kids were 4-5ish...we went to the local library (I really enjoy childrens books...I get so many creative ideas from childrens books!)....and did a little "Harry" research...

If my memory strikes...Harry is the closest LIVING animal to resemble the DINOSAURs! The flying dinosaur (was that the teradactyl? sp?) is speculated to have the same bone structure as a heron. (grammatically, should I have reversed that? The heron has the same bone structure as the flying dino? ) Oh who get my point! It's hard getting a good picture of this little creature...(little, who am I kidding....see one fly, and it's spooky...pretty large wingspan!)...

Now...don't laugh....I have actually bought craft supplies with dinosaurs on SOMEDAY SCRAPBOOK HARRY. I admit it...I just look for reasons to buy....


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