Friday, October 26, 2012


Probably the most talked about fruit we grow in our orchards are Quince. "What is a Quince?" is almost a daily question once the tree planted next to the driveway starts bearing fruit. Forget about the thousands of other's that one tree that draws attention the most. It looks like a fuzzy cross between an apple and a pear...many a customer is awfully surprised when they sneak one off the tree...bite into it and look out! It's not that apple pear taste they expected!

I googled the definition...not so sure the Wikipedia version is as accurate as mine, I'm sure there are several hybrid varieties since the pilgrims. (I learned that quince was a staple item on the ships to help prevent scurvy...sounds good to me, don't quote me on that though)

Quince also appeared in a favorite children's poem, "The Owl And The Pussycat", ... "they dined on mince and slices of quince" ...

Personally, I don't see how they could dine on quince...straight off the tree, it's very very bitter....that being said, it is a favorite with certain cultures. Quince are used in soups and stews in the Russian community, and the Mexican culture likes to sprinkle cayenne pepper on raw slice as a snack. So what are they used for?

Jelly. Hands down, this is MY favorite jelly! It's honey colored juice produces a rich golden jelly that is not only sweet on your morning toast, but makes a unique flavored condiment on sandwiches and meats as well. The taste is indescribable. It's one of those flavors you just have to try to understand!

My suggestion would be...if ever given the opportunity to try the should! It's well worth it!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

I (heart) Volleyball

Finally, a little crafty item! The chocolate is actually white chocolate dipped graham crackers (shaped like pretzels) -- a product that my "day job" (aka our chocolate/specialty food business...if interested, or on facebook: Adams Place Country Gourmet, Inc.) manufactures. This time of year, this product is fairly popular, it makes a nice stand-alone gift item for the holidays. Anyhow, whenever I need a quick personal gift, I typically don't look much farther than my own business...yesterday was the last middle school volleyball match for my we are on to club tryouts.... This year was my daughter's first year to play school ball...she has played volleyball on the club level since she was 8 years old...but, finally, as a 7th grader, she was able to play. The 6th graders and under are not allowed to play off campus sports, a distict wide policy...probably not a bad one, but one that has been difficult for my daughter since she EATS, SLEEPS AND DRINKS volleyball!!!!! What a fun year it has been. The girls bonded so well, and new friendships were daughter was a true team player and we came off the season with nothing but positive memories! (And 7 out of 10 wins!) She played 2 positions, something that is only going to help her as she grows with this sport! I wanted to show the coaches our appreciation...her leadership skills were just waiting to appear on the court...up to now, she's been the youngest on her club team and never confident to take that role...and that she did FINALLY! I couldn't decide if it was appropriate to do the sentiment with the "Hokey Pokey"'s sort of a little joke often from coaches ... and I didn't want to imply, I left it up to her which tag to use on the gifts. I made 4 and she could pick 2. What did she pick? (The hokey pokey one)....she really didn't care...she was on her cloud at the after, I snuck the funny one over to her and had all the girls sign the tag. ;) Speaking of a couple of weeks...we may have some HUGE volleyball news to share....for now, I'm not assuming or saying anything...but, something is up...just not sure exactly yet. It's all good! :) Trudi

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween Display

This is my "day job". Taken at the San Francisco Giftshow. We have now been through 26 years of Halloweens!

New Design

I have no idea how to center my title and turn it into a different color....I have never been able to figure out how to apply headers to this blog!  That being said, I wanted a new look and thought I'd play around with a few options.  The white title is going to bug the daylights out of me, so I suspect when I put a new look on this blog in the next few weeks....I'll have it all fixed.  For now, I'm at least doing something with it!  :)

I actually have been dabbling a bit here and there in the craft room.  I even bought some new copic markers and cleaned my desk a bit.  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Pictures:  Seemed like only yesterday, but about 7 - 8 years ago.  Man I love these kids!  :)


Friday, October 5, 2012

Now What Do I Do?

Oh great....I just accidently deleted my blog list...blogs that I like to follow.  I meant to remove a couple that have since stopped, and add some new, I need to start fresh.  YIKES....and...I need to get started on my work day...FINALLY Friday....couldn't come soon enough!