Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Very Ancient Old Supplies

I will probably miss the event with this card...but that's year there will be another person(s) who can receive one of my new creations....

It's not close to being finished and unless I rally myself tonight, which I am not going will probably not be finished by Saturday since I have obligations for the next couple of nights...

That being said...

I pulled out some very old supplies!


A little tip that was told to me YEARS ago...was to hit up a frame shop and ask to buy old frame scraps (chipboard). For a couple of dollars, I scored on a boatload of CHIPBOARD...perfect to use with my...DRUM ROLL...SIZZIX DIES! Yes, we are talking about my red sizzix....although, I have to admit, I did run the chipboard through my Big Shot, mainly because it was closest to me....

I used....what was color coded in the past...A YELLOW, medium-sized, die. I realize sizzix is still very big at large, but I don't see the color code system as much...or maybe it does still exist, although I have to say...this was probably one of the very first dies I ever purchased, about 11 years ago!

It also is one of my most used.....(sadly, some I have NEVER used....)

Next ancient supply: ACRYLIC PAINT....who knows WHY I felt I needed to load up on acrylics...but, for some odd reason, I did....about 7 years ago..maybe? Hard to say...I've been out of action for a couple, and I don't recall any projects I worked on before that...this had to be 6-7 years ago....anyhow...I have some fun old gold paint....and a little sponge paintbrush..... probably isn't going to be bling bling and out of this world (that was a little hint, the world part)'s more simple and sweet...I don't know where I'm going with it quite yet, so it will be a surprise for me too!~

Check back in a couple of days...and it may be uploaded by then!


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Child's Year

Before I go and buy any more cricut cartridges with silhouettes on them...I thought I better finally get around to using the one(s) that I already have. (I have a couple of others...the 60's one and a really fun one ... I can't recall the name of it...) I have had ideas with "A Child's Year" for quite some time, I even have oodles of specifically purchased designer paper for one of the images...


I'm more of a bling bling kind of person, so to be a little less bling ... that was hard. I never imagined that I would use THIS particular cut. In fact, it was the shell stamp set that I wanted to use...I sort of decided to scour over a couple of my cartridge handbooks...when I stumbled upon this cut....and then I pulled some very old Stampin' Up! sets of the first ones I think I ever bought and somehow put all the pieces together.

Yes, there are things I would do differently next time. I'd stamp the "girls" a little darker than what I did. I did NOT want to distract from the beautiful saying:

Memory is a child
walking along a seashore.
You never can tell what
small pebble it will pick
up and store away among
its treasured things.

-Pierce Harris

I suspect I will be playing with the cartridge a bit more now that I have used it once and liked the simplicity of a solid image. Although it is a tad bit different than my regular style...I felt good about the outcome. It may only be me who feels good about it, but from the saying to the sweet stamped images of the children, somehow some memories of my own unlocked...that are special and dear to me.

I am glad to find my way back into my craft room...just wish I hadn't waited so long!

Til next time!