Thursday, January 26, 2012

Month Journal

Although I can't honestly say I'm spending oodles of time in my craft studio, I can say, that I am spending a few minutes each day....which is a step in the right direction. I decided to "attempt" keeping up with a year journal, month by month, day by day. I had discovered this wonderful project idea smack dab around the 1st of January, and decided this might be a project for me. I do see, that I'm probably doing mine a little differently than the others...most of the designs are as if they are in a "book"... I never really looked closely to the way they were being done...I just saw the idea and ran with it my way. So, while many are "painting" their paper, lots of stamping, etc...and gorgeous result,...all in a "book"...I'm doing mine as a 2 page layout...perhaps I'll scrap a page or 2 of pictures that can help tell the month story...I don't know though...time is all a deciding factor for me...

It was half way through the month, with spring like temperatures, I was suddenly wishing I hadn't taken the snowman approach...since it didn't appear that we were going to get any January winter around here....then all of the sudden BAM...the big snow/ice storm of 2012 happened....although it only lasted 5 days or did make an impact and I feel I can now justify the snowman that I wanted as my element!

I am NOT finished with the layout....I still have more to add...the upper left corner and the lower left corner has some work yet...(I struggle with blank spaces, it's my style, not for everyone, but for's mine...I'm sure I'm breaking a scrapbooking rule out there somewhere....I tend to spend way too much time, but like a picture...some artists are clean and simple and some have oodles of detail that the eye can absorb bit by bit....I tend to think there should be NO RULES to any of this....I do like to use quality supplies though...afterall...if it's going to take a month to better last for a long time!

I will post a finished product picture probably next week....I feel I have about 3-4 hours left on this, besides entering my daily comments...I will be starting February...this time though, I'm going to do something I rarely rarely rarely do...I'm going to follow the color scheme and possibly capture an idea or 2 off of a beautiful beautiful beautiful design I had seen .... I just luv the colors here, and I want to add some mushrooms....we'll see....don't you think this is GORGEOUS!

In the meantime, I apologize for this being blurry...rather than bring this to my picture place in the factory, I brought the camera, the lighting is not right and the edge of my table really wasn't the best place to photograph!

What a month!


Thursday, January 19, 2012



You wonder...where did I disappear? Anyone who reads my blog knows, I am not short of words to bear with me...

IMMEDIATELY after New Years husband and I headed out of town for a few days of R&R....I was hesitant for a couple of reasons....first....I was JUST GETTING OVER BEING SICK! Yep, I was in bed by 3:30 in the afternoon, New Years might think I had the flu....I don't think I did...just a huge let down from Christmas business ... I go from high energy to no energy practically, and for 25 years of's always the same! :(

Second....the morning we left (January 2)...I had the phone ringing off the hook...I think 50% of this month's business was all taken/done in 2 hours ... (not really) ... it just seemed like it. One of my national accounts was put on a spending freeze late, I heard from most of the account execs that we deal with bright and early January 2nd. I'm tickled pink (and red since it's Valentines....) that we have such a loyal company that orders from us. Still not sure I should reveal names of who I work with...lets just's a big company and a wonderful one to do business with. Some time in the future, I'll put a "plug" in for them...unrelated to this post.

Third....I was leaving at a time when I really couldn't....but....if I can't leave for 2 days without the sky falling....then something is wrong. I'm "working" at trying to get things where I can leave a day here and a day there....just probably shouldn't be directly after a major holiday and a time when the stores and companies need to "reload"!

So, I'm finally back on track...and DANG!


Just when I think I'm back to normal...I have delays in shipping and all that nasty stuff....a customer who is white knuckled for a deadline and another pushing the delivery limit...what a fun business I'm in! LOL!

I will say, however...after 25 years I've learned to shut the lights off and hopefully leave most of the stress at the factory (unless I'm being contacted every hour while having a couple days of R&R!!!) the employees went home tonight...our fun city is basically CLOSED due to bad weather...I'm hoping to continue my very fun project! Yep...I've been creating!

I don't have a picture yet, but will soon.....I'm thoroughly enjoying this much that I'm hoping I can see it through....

I never did state any craft goals for, here they are...and I'm going to be simple since I failed last years!

1. Complete a whole year (yep, 12 months!) of the "journaling blocks" pages! (it's fun!)

2. Stay current with my RAK group. I sort of stumbled this last year...I'm still current now, and I don't plan on not. I really enjoy my group of friends that I've exchanged cards with since....about 2004!!! I think it was around then when I joined this group...haven't ever dropped out...I did flake last year...but, I'm really going to try to not again. Personal life sometimes takes over!

Now for my "personal resolutions"

1. Get back into the size I was 2 years ago! I never fit that slinky dress for my class reunion, but I will this summer! It's doable!

2. Sit back and "enjoy". I guess this first half of my life I've proven that I tend to get a little stressed out....I'm going to TRY really hard to "chill"....enjoy my kids while they are kids....take it all in because it can slip away fast....

3. Embrace my family and friends....know my blessings; make each moment spent with them as if it was my last...know what really matters.

There you go....this picture was taken a few years ago...I am not energetic enough to go out and take a picture of the snow of 2012. Trust's about twice as much with a sleet coming down on's icky...the picture is, however of our lower orchard...the last one that I would need to walk through in the event I end up walking home from the factory. I don't really want to do this in the dark...the wild animals come out at night to play...there is a coyote I see every day that doesn't even run anymore when he/she sees now, I'm sure wiley coyote is pretty hungry!

Couple of days from now...I hope to have a show of what I'm doing! It's really fun! (did I mention it was fun?! lol)


Sunday, January 1, 2012


I think I found the challenge that suits ME!!!!! Finally, something that has me thinking...I really want to do this...stay tuned over the next few days....and...I'm taking my sweet daughter shopping to use her gift cards from birthday and Christmas.....will just have to stop off at a craft store on the way home!!! :) Up late tonight? Maybe!!! I feel back to par...slept through the ball dropping fighting a terrible cold...but 3 hot bubble baths later and leftover Chinese food...I feel great!~

Oh and Happy New Years to all!!!! Stand by for my New Years "post"...I failed on last years craft rethinking of what might be "attainable" for 2012!!!