Friday, January 28, 2011

Fit For a King!

So, this isn't really how I would have painted these, but this is what the customer wanted....and I thought they looked sort of cool in the shipping box...before I taped it up to ship out...thought I'd take a picture....(actually, I wanted a picture for future reference if there is a re-order..I'll save the image in my customer file...since we've never done these quite like this before!)

Craft news: I'm faithfully cursing at myself for putting so much labor into the Christmas card that I'm finishing off right now....this is a 2 year old project that I don't want all my previous time and effort to go to waste....I tell ya....these (17) cards will ONLY be given to people who appreciate the fine art of card making...I am having fun though, since I don't have that magic December 25th date close ... and by challenging myself to produce a card (x5) once a month is fun. I have ideas all lined up for the next few months....I just don't want to leave these unfinished for another 2, 17 cards this round...

I see my other project ready to finish....but, I don't want to shift things around on my table quite yet...these Christmas cards are almost finished...I've been working a bit of them every day....I almost wanted to play hookie from work, but...can't really do that this time of year!

Anyhow...shipping a couple hundred of these out today along with the rest of todays orders!



Saturday, January 22, 2011

Where Did Winter Go?!

I would be lying if I said it was farmer talk goes...something to do with inversion...and without clouds the warmer temps aren't trapped under about a month...this will be our household topic as we watch the night temperatures dangerously drop and put our orchard at risk...oh man, it's starting again! Howeva...I look forward to a new challenges...somehow all the owies of the previous year get replaced as we anxiously wait to see what Mother Nature will do to us in the next few months! It's a way of life I've chosen and good, bad, or UGLY...I luv my lifestyle...

In the meantime....look what Mother Nature gave us today!!! Not a cloud in the sky...I'm off to do the weekly grocery shopping...and when I come home....I'm putting my Under Armour on and going for a run through the country....

Life is Good!


Pictures: What a beautiful sky...I needed to share...the canyon shot...I attempted to capture a picture of the most beautiful the time I got outside in the bitter cold...they had hidden...if you look close can see their clawprints....and...last but not least....proof of my February Christmas card...WHAT WAS I THINKING? This card has so much labor put into it (and I'm finishing 17)...I started it 2 years wonder I wasn't anxious to finish it...this is just a sneak peek too...there's more labor on it...but, you will have to wait until the 3rd Monday in February!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas in January!

As I mentioned in my New Years Resolution:

New card x 5 to put in my stash (10 months in a row)...November rolls around...I'm all ready to mail cards...something I have NOT done now for going on 4-5 years....oh...and post on the THIRD Monday of each month, up to November...

YIKES! The only work I had to do on these were to move them from one storage container into another. I feel I failed somewhat my resolution!! haha...but...I will have February's card ready probably in a day or need to burn the candle at both ends in February! Drats these all unfinished projects! If not for them...I'd be posting new pictures like crazy. I think that was Resolution #3 or #4...get caught up with unfinished projects! I'm so ready to start something new for a change!

Anyhow, here is my first card to share for this Christmas Card goal of mine I have set....Card #1!!! Hope the lighting in my photo spot did justice for the sparklies! If it didn't ... trust me ... you might need sunglasses to wear this one....lots of GLITTER and STICKLES!


p.s. My grammar and writing style has been a little lazy (proof reading and I'm more like rambling)....I've just been multi-tasking...and rather than edit, edit and rewrite and edit...I'm publishing! You get the jest of the real world...I'm not that lazy with my publishing and writing...I just know...if I sit on things...I'll never better to push the publish post button then not at all! (this is very hard for me to's so not like me...I'm trying to ... relax a little, and I guess write like I talk?!" not sure...bye!

It's the 3rd Monday!

And it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas....NOT!, I don't want to flake on my resolutions already! As I publicly indicated in my Resolutions posting...

I will feature a new Christmas card on the 3rd Monday of every I was happily creating yesterday (my current non-holiday card...yep, that resolution I broke already...I was only going to make 6 or so of cards...I don't think I made that an official resolution though, and when I cut part of my design out, with my Cricut...12 cut out perfectly on my, I decided to make 12....) Anyhow, I had my Christmas card (obligation) "Ace in the Hole", so to unfinished Christmas design from 2 years ago....YIKES! Like about 25 cards...ready to finish....) My resolution was to complete about 9:00 last night...I put my current project (It is so so so fun!!!) off to the side....(will post finished result when I finish in a day or 2) Christmas project from 2 years ago had more than a couple of hours goal was FIVE....and with those FIVE....still more than 2 hours...

What to do? Not to break my resolution: Like in business ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN if our equipment breaks down (I don't want to jinx me here...) PLAN B....have backup for production/raw
materials/etc....unfortunately in the "real world" that isn't always possible...but....I KNEW somewhere hidden I had 5 finished Christmas Cards yet to be sent to friends or family....whew....I had full intent of using these for a "month"...and with the exception of only a couple of friends (family) ... these have never been seen.....I did NOT intend to use these my very first month...but, I don't want to break this resolution....

I really like the card I'm working on (all 25) right now, it WILL show up in February FOR SURE...I'm not moving it from my table...not even to finish my fun everyday cards! :)

Well...I PREFER to do all my picture/blog stuff here in the factory while I'm working like a busy to the photo area (it sounds is NOT....but, I try)....I go....and slowly, slowly, I hear the camera lense doing it's thing when I turn the camera on....slow slow slow...I'm not surprised I see BATTERIES TOO LOW....they are charging currently, crossing fingers I don't need it today for any chocolate proposals!!! My PLAN B card is all set up to take a picture of.....

WHAT TO DO? Slide over to tomorrow for my picture? (that would be breaking my resolution...and I don't want to do that!!!) I guess I'll post a late picture, but still have it on on this 3rd Monday of the month!

In the meantime....I don't think I've shared this card before. I was zooming through my picture gallery and found it. This was one of the most labor intensive cards I have ever made....I luv the technique of making my own dp with the smooshing the stamp ... I honestly don't know the name of the technique....but, it's fun.....

Anyhow, stand by for a Christmas card photo! Might be tonight!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bad weather is expected

AGAIN! I forgot...tomorrow I'm at a mandatory meeting ALL DAY...and it's out of town...and the expectation of snow and sleet is being told by weather guys! YIKES! So...if my creation is not pictured tomorrow or even's because of my meeting, which except for the free lunch and pastries...I'd rather not attend! It's a farm thing...and since I'm part of the body needs to be there! The future of our asparagus is at stake here!

I didn't think the asparagus field was as pretty as the orchard picture. I took these about a month ago...and actually have some beautiful out of the ordinary pictures.....I may upload those later if I don't get to my card first!

I'll touch base in a day or 2!


Monday, January 10, 2011

It's Monday!

Just 1 whole week and my first Christmas card will be posted! That is not what I'm working on right now, however....that card...I should have finished by Wednesday. I have to's sort of a tweak as you go kind of card...and part of it is my style and part of it isn't....(I have everything lined up straight right now...I'm not like that...I'm a "tip it" person...or ruff it up a bit, I have to figure what I'm going to's well in the making...and doing 6 "easy" cards...has turned into 12 labor intensive cards...but,, an hour here, 2 hours there, 5 minutes here and there, and woa la! it will be looking for it this week!

The picture: I'm pitching a variation (need to modify for brand recognition) of this to a major client. Cross fingers...wish me's a huge order .... the client is wanting something from us with their logo on, whether this gets picked or not...should be nice! I've been around long enough to know though...don't get too excited until you see the actual yes on paper!

Off to go make that phone call....


Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm Glad I Found This!

A few years ago, I created this card. I actually made a little pile of sympathy cards with this...and unfortunately mailed them all out. (I would prefer to never have a need to mail a sympathy card...) the process, I had made one as a Thank You card...and thought I sent this in a different direction too....I like to have at least one of my cards, for the event I want to re-create it......this is one of those...that I have actually wedding colors, anniversary, etc....for awhile, I've wished I had my sample...if I can avoid using my memory...(haha)...I will! Sometimes it's just easier to copy me....rather than to try to figure me out! (yes, I'm complicated, so I've been told)

I have to be honest...I do NOT like how high my "Thank You" is stamped...and that is probably why it was sitting in a stash that I sort of call my "don't look at much stash"....but....I'm just glad I found it! I'm not a sticker person AT ALL (you know those kinds we all collected to use in our scrapbooks about 12 years ago)...however, the little sparklies on these are stickers...and the shiny trim on the bottom is a sticker....I'm a HUGE FAN of, I might rethink my opinion of stickers....I suspect in a fun combination cardstock, ink, fun colors and craft magic....a sticker card could "pop". There are so many cool things in the craft stores...(stickers) that don't even look like stickers (these are not the stickers I consider stickers). And how easy to apply WITHOUT having to struggle with "what kind of adhesive?" I actually have thousands of stickers...from my early scrapbooking's got me thinking....(oh no! I have to think! hahaha!) (you know tonight....I will be digging those stickers die-cuts that I purchased back then...)

As far as my current projects?! I have a design in the making...and I actually CUT DESIGNER PAPER before heading off to work today!!! (I'm taking a little breaky from my pile of Valentine orders...yippee! 2011 off to a good start!) I have to tell you...this dp is something I've HOARDED for years's Basic Grey and one of my favorites...when it's's gone for good! (After 12 years of "collecting"...I finally learned.....that yesterday's favorite...can be replaced with a new favorite...therefore....CUT....CUT....CUT....)

The idea I "wanted" simply isn't coming to, I decided to do something a little different....hope it works out too...because if it turns out ugly...I've wasted my DP... and if it's ugly...I've wasted my time and brain power! I'm just glad I'm in my studio again....and inspired!

Plans are to post a pic early next week!!!!!!!!! I'm on a mission now!

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I'm almost excited ... I have a few crafting resolutions...and I can't wait to get going with them!!!

Resolution #1: (previous post): 1 new Christmas card design per month for 10 months in a row...I will make 5 of each...which allows me 50 cards to have in my stash to mail out in November!!! Pretty doable....every 3rd Monday of each month: January - October...I will post a picture!!!!

Resolution #2: Get caught up on all craft obligations.....I belong to a card group...and I've been very non-committed....this is typically not like me....I'm going to go back to my ways...and KEEP UP! I actually have several pretty close to being done projects...which are more than a, I have been committed...just bit off a bit more than I could chew during my peak time, so to speak...and missed the "season" to send...will do so next year....finish that is...and mail timely!

Resolution #3: Get back to scrapbooking....this really is my passion....I've struggled with my printer for a few years now...I need to just bite the bullet and get a better printer or get my pics printed somewhere....I luv scrapbooking...and I need to get busy on my family pages before my kidlets grow up!!!

Resolution #4: Make my blog come to life! I plan to post more...I sort of dropped the ball during the holidays....but promise to work at doing better!!!!!!!

Resolution #5: Been "mulling over" something, business-wise...I'm going to assess feasibility and do a little marketing research to see if it's something I really want to do!

NON Crafting Resolutions:

1. Lose the weight I gained over the last's doable....just if I don't watch will become a long weight loss journey that I have already traveled and prefer not to again!!!!!!! I'm making a weight loss journal for myself....and for each kidlet....we are planning on participating in a future 5K....I'm up for that...but need to get my little peeps in condidtion for one....I luv to run...and plan to keep up the course....

2. Get back to feeling healthy: Eat better, sleep better, get eyes checked (I'm ready for my first pair of glasses! YIKES!, not let stress get to me so much....don't look back at yesterday....but look forward to tomorrow!!!!

3. Slowly get my HOUSE back in shape! Nuff said! Clutter!!!! I need to de-clutter!!!!!

Picture: A mini me again....what a fun day! Sis and I took a camera around the farm that day and used up a whole roll of film. We posed in strange place...and had a blast! I've done this with my kidlets too...although the farm is much different now...I hope they have great I do...I think I was in 5th grade....

I'm heading into my craftstudio tonight! yippee!!! Not worried about completing my Christmas card for's almost finished!