Monday, January 10, 2011

It's Monday!

Just 1 whole week and my first Christmas card will be posted! That is not what I'm working on right now, however....that card...I should have finished by Wednesday. I have to's sort of a tweak as you go kind of card...and part of it is my style and part of it isn't....(I have everything lined up straight right now...I'm not like that...I'm a "tip it" person...or ruff it up a bit, I have to figure what I'm going to's well in the making...and doing 6 "easy" cards...has turned into 12 labor intensive cards...but,, an hour here, 2 hours there, 5 minutes here and there, and woa la! it will be looking for it this week!

The picture: I'm pitching a variation (need to modify for brand recognition) of this to a major client. Cross fingers...wish me's a huge order .... the client is wanting something from us with their logo on, whether this gets picked or not...should be nice! I've been around long enough to know though...don't get too excited until you see the actual yes on paper!

Off to go make that phone call....


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