Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I'm almost excited ... I have a few crafting resolutions...and I can't wait to get going with them!!!

Resolution #1: (previous post): 1 new Christmas card design per month for 10 months in a row...I will make 5 of each...which allows me 50 cards to have in my stash to mail out in November!!! Pretty doable....every 3rd Monday of each month: January - October...I will post a picture!!!!

Resolution #2: Get caught up on all craft obligations.....I belong to a card group...and I've been very non-committed....this is typically not like me....I'm going to go back to my ways...and KEEP UP! I actually have several pretty close to being done projects...which are more than a, I have been committed...just bit off a bit more than I could chew during my peak time, so to speak...and missed the "season" to send...will do so next year....finish that is...and mail timely!

Resolution #3: Get back to scrapbooking....this really is my passion....I've struggled with my printer for a few years now...I need to just bite the bullet and get a better printer or get my pics printed somewhere....I luv scrapbooking...and I need to get busy on my family pages before my kidlets grow up!!!

Resolution #4: Make my blog come to life! I plan to post more...I sort of dropped the ball during the holidays....but promise to work at doing better!!!!!!!

Resolution #5: Been "mulling over" something, business-wise...I'm going to assess feasibility and do a little marketing research to see if it's something I really want to do!

NON Crafting Resolutions:

1. Lose the weight I gained over the last's doable....just if I don't watch will become a long weight loss journey that I have already traveled and prefer not to again!!!!!!! I'm making a weight loss journal for myself....and for each kidlet....we are planning on participating in a future 5K....I'm up for that...but need to get my little peeps in condidtion for one....I luv to run...and plan to keep up the course....

2. Get back to feeling healthy: Eat better, sleep better, get eyes checked (I'm ready for my first pair of glasses! YIKES!, not let stress get to me so much....don't look back at yesterday....but look forward to tomorrow!!!!

3. Slowly get my HOUSE back in shape! Nuff said! Clutter!!!! I need to de-clutter!!!!!

Picture: A mini me again....what a fun day! Sis and I took a camera around the farm that day and used up a whole roll of film. We posed in strange place...and had a blast! I've done this with my kidlets too...although the farm is much different now...I hope they have great I do...I think I was in 5th grade....

I'm heading into my craftstudio tonight! yippee!!! Not worried about completing my Christmas card for's almost finished!


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