Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm Glad I Found This!

A few years ago, I created this card. I actually made a little pile of sympathy cards with this...and unfortunately mailed them all out. (I would prefer to never have a need to mail a sympathy card...) the process, I had made one as a Thank You card...and thought I sent this in a different direction too....I like to have at least one of my cards, for the event I want to re-create it......this is one of those...that I have actually wedding colors, anniversary, etc....for awhile, I've wished I had my sample...if I can avoid using my memory...(haha)...I will! Sometimes it's just easier to copy me....rather than to try to figure me out! (yes, I'm complicated, so I've been told)

I have to be honest...I do NOT like how high my "Thank You" is stamped...and that is probably why it was sitting in a stash that I sort of call my "don't look at much stash"....but....I'm just glad I found it! I'm not a sticker person AT ALL (you know those kinds we all collected to use in our scrapbooks about 12 years ago)...however, the little sparklies on these are stickers...and the shiny trim on the bottom is a sticker....I'm a HUGE FAN of, I might rethink my opinion of stickers....I suspect in a fun combination cardstock, ink, fun colors and craft magic....a sticker card could "pop". There are so many cool things in the craft stores...(stickers) that don't even look like stickers (these are not the stickers I consider stickers). And how easy to apply WITHOUT having to struggle with "what kind of adhesive?" I actually have thousands of stickers...from my early scrapbooking's got me thinking....(oh no! I have to think! hahaha!) (you know tonight....I will be digging those stickers die-cuts that I purchased back then...)

As far as my current projects?! I have a design in the making...and I actually CUT DESIGNER PAPER before heading off to work today!!! (I'm taking a little breaky from my pile of Valentine orders...yippee! 2011 off to a good start!) I have to tell you...this dp is something I've HOARDED for years's Basic Grey and one of my favorites...when it's's gone for good! (After 12 years of "collecting"...I finally learned.....that yesterday's favorite...can be replaced with a new favorite...therefore....CUT....CUT....CUT....)

The idea I "wanted" simply isn't coming to, I decided to do something a little different....hope it works out too...because if it turns out ugly...I've wasted my DP... and if it's ugly...I've wasted my time and brain power! I'm just glad I'm in my studio again....and inspired!

Plans are to post a pic early next week!!!!!!!!! I'm on a mission now!

Happy Friday!


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  1. I was one of the recipients of this card as a sympathy card. It is one of my favorites!! I still have it sitting on my desk as a reminder of Julie. Thank you for making a beautiful card in rememberance of a beautiful girl!