Friday, January 28, 2011

Fit For a King!

So, this isn't really how I would have painted these, but this is what the customer wanted....and I thought they looked sort of cool in the shipping box...before I taped it up to ship out...thought I'd take a picture....(actually, I wanted a picture for future reference if there is a re-order..I'll save the image in my customer file...since we've never done these quite like this before!)

Craft news: I'm faithfully cursing at myself for putting so much labor into the Christmas card that I'm finishing off right now....this is a 2 year old project that I don't want all my previous time and effort to go to waste....I tell ya....these (17) cards will ONLY be given to people who appreciate the fine art of card making...I am having fun though, since I don't have that magic December 25th date close ... and by challenging myself to produce a card (x5) once a month is fun. I have ideas all lined up for the next few months....I just don't want to leave these unfinished for another 2, 17 cards this round...

I see my other project ready to finish....but, I don't want to shift things around on my table quite yet...these Christmas cards are almost finished...I've been working a bit of them every day....I almost wanted to play hookie from work, but...can't really do that this time of year!

Anyhow...shipping a couple hundred of these out today along with the rest of todays orders!



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