Friday, April 30, 2010


Finally, I can take my collection of completed scrapbook pages start the last of what I committed myself to doing. 2 other sisters have a pile as well...I may just stop anytime...I don't want this gift to hang over my head...BUT...I did save the best for, time will tell. I just want to get back to MY stuff!
I really enjoyed doing this Halloween layout, and can easily dupe it for my own little family, goodness knows, I have many pictures...I see the weeks turning into months and now years...since I've scrapbooked MY OWN FAMILY! I'm ready to get my printer printing pics, or whatever I need to do!
I do have a card in the making...sort of like the way it's going...hopefully will be posting card pics of it after the weekend!
Thanks for stopping by, have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Camera

IS KAPUT! First, it's been a physically and emotionally tough week. Physically....allergies+virus=sick....I was home most of Friday...and just starting to feel up to snuff! I swelled up like a puffer fish because of all the fluids I drank....(fever)....had tummy issues (only for about 4 hours...odd, very odd...)and ended up itchy (allergies I'm thinking)...anyhow....I've been out of commission! Emotionally.....stuff! But..."stuff" is resolved...til the next thing!

I went to go take pictures of the LAST layout to share....and I think the camera is finally ready to get replaced. It's been about 8 years that I've had this one, I use it for our business...literally gotten my $ worth....I hope I can find one like it to replace it. It's so much easier to deal with than my at home camera!

Sorry nothing crafty current. I'm concerned I need to go out and quickly buy a new camera. I was hoping to spare that....I'm recharging batteries, hoping that will solve my issue....I depend on taking virtual samples of our chocolate product...daily...for proposals! The card is one that I made awhile ago....SU set and designer paper!
Hopefully, pics tomorrow of the last layout...once I get this camera thing solved!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Last Farm Layout

I know I've e-mailed pics of these to a few before, so if you've seen these before, don't be surprised! This is the last of the 6 page spread of farm pics! Today's been crazy I'm only going to post the last layout to share on the scrapbook ... then ... I will have to get excuses! I'm waiting to get to some cards....all the supplies are ready and everything! LOL!

Tonight is idol night! Can't wait to see who is off!

Bye for now,


Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Sweetest Sound

So, my week has been filled with the end of the day (or week) ... my heart filled with pride and joy as I watched my son play out on the range. We arrived after branding, but the guitars were out, and he shared the sweet sounds of "innocence". I only wish I could freeze frame this emotion and spare the lows that life gives us. The playing was oh so important, as someone very dear to us, who was amoungst us, recently has endured horrific tragedy...and this was important to her as he played for her, played to me...played to the mama cows...and babies...tenderly and sweetly. Enough of a post for today...tomorrow comes too soon...for now, I'm embracing this memory.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Farm Layout

Here is the next 2 pages of the farm layout. I have 2 more to show, plus one more layout...then I better get busy creating more layouts to get this gift finished by August! I truly am in the crafty mode...just not enough hours in a day. A layout can take me more hours than I care to admit...long time....but....I don't create exclusively for the quantity of output...I do it for the joy...and if it takes 2 weeks for a be it. I had fun doing it. I can't speed create, although, under the wire...I suppose I could. I think that's why I like doing cards. That's an evening project...none of this major stuff! I am not going to show you one layout that I did...although it is one of my favorite layouts...I think my finest work...I know the people in the pictures would prefer "for their eyes only" it ended up in a divorce....and it's pretty sensitive. (PLUS...the pictures of me in it are AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL). I'm not the kind of person who is afraid to show my picture...but these stink...I'm sure somebody someday will notice my 80's hair...and shiny face in one...the lights were terrible. So, trust me...there is more to this book...just can't share. In the meantime...there isn't any pictures in this layout that I'm not proud to show off.
This is home...this is where all the farm action was and still is.
It truly is a good life.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Whirlwind of a Day

Nothing like trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat!~ The phone came to life this's been absolutely nutso in the chocolate biz. I have had FULL intent of posting pictures of SOMETHING..besides my pooch...just running running running...didn't have time...and those dreaded "papers" that need to be mailed tomorrow...I finished them on Sunday...they remain unsigned, looks like a trip to the post office for me tomorrow! What's up with that?! Anyhow, here is a picture of SOMETHING...just nothing new...and a little out of season. (I have always threatened to start Christmas cards in January...) Hopefully, I'm going to stay up tonight...fell asleep early last night and missed 1/2 my favorite new TV show! (Parenthood) .. Idol tonight!

I have never participated in a challenge before, but I'm tempted to start doing so...and I have an idea for a card on the challenge going on here:

Just need to squeeze it in to my day! I'm thrilled for all the business activity going on right's sort of like the olden days!!!!! picture...these are quick and fun cards I made using journal notes coupled with stamping...easy to do...and fun too. Can make a pile in a couple of hours!



Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's gotta be DONE

So, I'm working on finishing my April 15th obligation...nothing fun for me until they are DONE. I am anxious to get into my craft room and play with my new shipment from Stampin Up! I ordered an acrylic block unmounted set...I'm sure the quality is superior...the set is one that I surprised myself that I even wanted it. It is so not my style, but...I'm making a card for an elderly relative who is not feeling well...and it sort of looked like something nice for her. Hopefully, my "obligation" will be finished and ready to mail off by Thursday....early I can play with blocks, stamps and ink by tonight....(I'm a late night creative person). So, no pics is one of our pooch....

Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm sad today...

My dear beautiful niece would have turned 23 today....I remember exactly what I did on my 23rd birthday...I even remember what I was was 105 degrees, my car vapor-locked and I was pushing it down a busy street in high heels....I think about how my life has played much life to live...that she and 31 others were cheated out Friday will mark the 3rd anniversary of our terrible tragedy....and although not as raw, I still grieve for the loss of one of the finest young ladies I have had the priveledge to call my niece.

My little Leslie, you will always be in my heart...I love you...

"And we should consider
everyday lost
on which we have not danced
at least once.
And we should call
every truth false
which was not accompanied
by at least one laugh."

--Friedrich Nietzsche

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm Cleaning Off My Desk

I'm procrastinating, I know...sis's gift is one of those things that when I do finally get to creating a new layout....It is going to take tons of, I'm finally finishing off those cards that I only halfway completed...last NOVEMBER! There is really only 2 reasons why I put off finishing something....the first was so labor intensive that I can only do it in steps...or, I had a creative slump with it...this card is the latter...I didn't know how to "bling bling" it....goodness knows, I tried...finally the lightbulb went off last night...LESS IS MORE...and on the very last one I made....I had only ONE little "extra" on looked the best of them all!!! BUT...but but....I had already sacrificed rhinestones and prima, I continued to "add" the remaining 2 flowers to the last card.....IF I were to repeat this card...I'd just stick with the little flower diecut which is on the left side of the sentiment. You probably see the shadow...yes, this is applied with dimensional tape.

Now...the deets....

This card was created with my "Lyrical Letters" cricut cartridge. I chose this because this cut appeared to be "instant card" without too much extra thinking....I tend to, perhaps that is why I struggled finishing it. Trust me...I had other versions of the card...including one with a stamped bird on it...other flowers, etc....but, at 10:30ish at night last night..."LESS IS MORE" kept creeping into my, I settled with this concept...and think I would like it even more...IF I nixed those 2 flowers...and had it even more simple. If I did that...this card could probably be made in less than 15 minutes. It was that simple! (I don't think you can tell with the picture....I have the framed piece adhered with dimension too...same color c/s...tone on tone...just interesting dimension! (oh, and everything is stamped with my LINEN Stampin Up! background stamp....I never put it back on the shelf...luv luv luv that stamp!) As I sit here now...I can't even think of a way to add pretty ribbon. I need to move on from this was causing creative "issues" with me....while I'm in a crafty mode...I don't want to take 2 steps back...KWIM?! LOL!

I definitely will try some of the other cool cuts on this cartridge. I'm very impressed with the fact that this is not only a font cart...but has other neat things on it as well! My little extra cardstock flower...I didn't look very hard through my cartridges to find the perfect flower...I knew GEORGE had this silouette flower. Every time I use George...I realize why it is a must have basic cart.

Thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter Chickies!

Easter isn't all about pastels! This was one of those cards that I didn't want to overthink. I took it step by step and this is what it came out as. One thing I have discovered, when I get in a creative slump....pulling out my cuttlebug embossing folders is a adding the texture, it can make a world of difference! I'm a button kinda of, those are a given...I think I have enough buttons in my stash to supply the world now...and it's still not enough!

Happy Easter my friends! I hope you enjoy the day with family...and eat a (chocolate) egg or two!

(p.s.) I'm trying to work on my lighting...sorry about the shadowing! I was in a hurry yesterday when I took these pictures! I just couldn't use black background on something so Spring!


Friday, April 2, 2010

Fun Farm Day

Yesterday's card inspired me to upload this layout. You won't see a bird hidden on this one, this is actually one portion of a 6 page layout...I could not condense our farm youth into 2 pages....I might go back and incorporate a bird, however, on each 2 page spread. Just a thought. I chose this layout because of the haybales I mentioned previously ... once upon a time, we did raise wheat, but I was so little, I barely remember it. I do remember the alfalfa though...from the age where I could drive tractor (10ish) all the way to being an adult and taking care of some of the customers...

The "Fun Farm Day" layout was actually a day where my sister and I grabbed a camera and literally took tons of pictures having fun...what a good life! I'm the one posing on the rock and pretending to fall off the haystack...what goofy girls we were! And, 30+ years later...still are!

Have a great day! It's raining like crazy on the farm today. No playing outside for me!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

One of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth....

So, when I saw this particular stamp set in the SU catalogue, I KNEW it would be mine....I'm an Eastern Washington girl, and although most people associate Washington State with all the greenery and beautiful mountain side of the state offers in my mind, equal beauty, but drastically different. I'm a WSU grad, and to get from where I live to the quaint little community in Pullman, WA...I have to travel through literally miles and miles of wheat land. (About 2 hours of driving until we see trees!) Taking that drive for 4-1/2 years in a row, several times a year...I feel as if I almost know each curve, bump and it was yesterday. I've admired the terrain each time, like it was a first time to see it...I've taken in the different stages of the crops...I can hear the gentle rustle of the wheat slightly blowing in the's comforting, it brings me back to a time where although life seemed so uncertain, it's full of memories I cherish (good and bad) for a lifetime...those memories turned me from a teenager to an adult...and has made me what I am today.

I'm sure there are wheat fields (for miles...and miles and miles) in other states...and I'll bet that the same tranquility and calmness is found in these places too....I tried to upload a picture I found of this paradise...but somehow didn't quite know how here is a link!

Now, my card....(I'm thinking the bales are hay bales you see in the won't see these in wheat fields, but our community certainly raises fact a good friend of mine farms the little cubes that get shipped overseas. I grew up on a farm, we too sold hay...mainly for horses...they weren't these kind either ....on my next post, I'm going to share some farm days layouts....) Back to my card....I didn't really read the sentiment closely...just thought it was a nice saying....but after the matter...I thought this is a very good sentiment for sympathy. I made extras for my stash, and unfortunately, 1/2 of them have been used for sympathy in the last week. I've mailed out 3 recently...and hope my remaining 3 stay on the shelf for a long time. I will revisit this set, after creating with a set, I typically move on to the next...but, I'm going to take another stab at duplicating those fields I long ago traveled through...

Thanks for stopping by!