Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Sweetest Sound

So, my week has been filled with the end of the day (or week) ... my heart filled with pride and joy as I watched my son play out on the range. We arrived after branding, but the guitars were out, and he shared the sweet sounds of "innocence". I only wish I could freeze frame this emotion and spare the lows that life gives us. The playing was oh so important, as someone very dear to us, who was amoungst us, recently has endured horrific tragedy...and this was important to her as he played for her, played to me...played to the mama cows...and babies...tenderly and sweetly. Enough of a post for today...tomorrow comes too soon...for now, I'm embracing this memory.


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  1. Trudi

    How Beautiful!!!!!! I can hear the music all the way here in Tennessee!