Thursday, April 15, 2010

Farm Layout

Here is the next 2 pages of the farm layout. I have 2 more to show, plus one more layout...then I better get busy creating more layouts to get this gift finished by August! I truly am in the crafty mode...just not enough hours in a day. A layout can take me more hours than I care to admit...long time....but....I don't create exclusively for the quantity of output...I do it for the joy...and if it takes 2 weeks for a be it. I had fun doing it. I can't speed create, although, under the wire...I suppose I could. I think that's why I like doing cards. That's an evening project...none of this major stuff! I am not going to show you one layout that I did...although it is one of my favorite layouts...I think my finest work...I know the people in the pictures would prefer "for their eyes only" it ended up in a divorce....and it's pretty sensitive. (PLUS...the pictures of me in it are AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL). I'm not the kind of person who is afraid to show my picture...but these stink...I'm sure somebody someday will notice my 80's hair...and shiny face in one...the lights were terrible. So, trust me...there is more to this book...just can't share. In the meantime...there isn't any pictures in this layout that I'm not proud to show off.
This is home...this is where all the farm action was and still is.
It truly is a good life.

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  1. Hey Trudi

    Loving these pics of the farm!!! I so wish I was close enough to have a guided tour! Looks sooo peaceful and gorgeous! Great Layouts.

    Marilyn C.