Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm Cleaning Off My Desk

I'm procrastinating, I know...sis's gift is one of those things that when I do finally get to creating a new layout....It is going to take tons of, I'm finally finishing off those cards that I only halfway completed...last NOVEMBER! There is really only 2 reasons why I put off finishing something....the first was so labor intensive that I can only do it in steps...or, I had a creative slump with it...this card is the latter...I didn't know how to "bling bling" it....goodness knows, I tried...finally the lightbulb went off last night...LESS IS MORE...and on the very last one I made....I had only ONE little "extra" on looked the best of them all!!! BUT...but but....I had already sacrificed rhinestones and prima, I continued to "add" the remaining 2 flowers to the last card.....IF I were to repeat this card...I'd just stick with the little flower diecut which is on the left side of the sentiment. You probably see the shadow...yes, this is applied with dimensional tape.

Now...the deets....

This card was created with my "Lyrical Letters" cricut cartridge. I chose this because this cut appeared to be "instant card" without too much extra thinking....I tend to, perhaps that is why I struggled finishing it. Trust me...I had other versions of the card...including one with a stamped bird on it...other flowers, etc....but, at 10:30ish at night last night..."LESS IS MORE" kept creeping into my, I settled with this concept...and think I would like it even more...IF I nixed those 2 flowers...and had it even more simple. If I did that...this card could probably be made in less than 15 minutes. It was that simple! (I don't think you can tell with the picture....I have the framed piece adhered with dimension too...same color c/s...tone on tone...just interesting dimension! (oh, and everything is stamped with my LINEN Stampin Up! background stamp....I never put it back on the shelf...luv luv luv that stamp!) As I sit here now...I can't even think of a way to add pretty ribbon. I need to move on from this was causing creative "issues" with me....while I'm in a crafty mode...I don't want to take 2 steps back...KWIM?! LOL!

I definitely will try some of the other cool cuts on this cartridge. I'm very impressed with the fact that this is not only a font cart...but has other neat things on it as well! My little extra cardstock flower...I didn't look very hard through my cartridges to find the perfect flower...I knew GEORGE had this silouette flower. Every time I use George...I realize why it is a must have basic cart.

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