Friday, April 2, 2010

Fun Farm Day

Yesterday's card inspired me to upload this layout. You won't see a bird hidden on this one, this is actually one portion of a 6 page layout...I could not condense our farm youth into 2 pages....I might go back and incorporate a bird, however, on each 2 page spread. Just a thought. I chose this layout because of the haybales I mentioned previously ... once upon a time, we did raise wheat, but I was so little, I barely remember it. I do remember the alfalfa though...from the age where I could drive tractor (10ish) all the way to being an adult and taking care of some of the customers...

The "Fun Farm Day" layout was actually a day where my sister and I grabbed a camera and literally took tons of pictures having fun...what a good life! I'm the one posing on the rock and pretending to fall off the haystack...what goofy girls we were! And, 30+ years later...still are!

Have a great day! It's raining like crazy on the farm today. No playing outside for me!


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