Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'm creating something new!

I'm actually convinced it's back! My creative motivation is finally BACK! I'm designing something that I will turn around later and turn it into a holiday design...but for now...there is really no "reason" for this card....JUST's a JUST BECAUSE card. I see on the Cricut Circle Challenge this week...that is the theme....I've picked out the criteria, WITHOUT OVERTHINKING TOO! execute.

I will be going off to the store...then go for a 3-4 mile run/jog....because I KNOW I'll be eating late night "treats"....while I'm finishing my cards!

Big Smile here!

P.S. The picture: My grandpups! Although, their daddy is yellow lab/golden retriever mix...they don't carry the color resemblence...but, they sure have his fun personality. The mom...she's border collie...what a great mix!

Monday, March 21, 2011

March Christmas Monday

It's the 3rd Monday of this month, and I have my new card to share. I TRIED to make this into more labor...and I struggled and learned a few things....

First, this stamp does not require extensive! That's my first lesson. I was going to stamp another "25" and cut it out to make it "pop"...but decided against it....The little bells do NOT need to be colored in glittery gold pen, that was a waste of time...the STAMPAMAJIG is VALUABLE on a design like original "stamp" was in a rich brown "I thought pigment" ink .... which I used because I colored my flowers and leaves in with my Copics, then restamped over with Gold Encore...lastly, I spritzed with an opal "glimmer mist" (or brand similar)

So, what lessons did I learn?

1. Don't glimmer mist with a dye will RUN (I'm glad I started with 11 cards...because 3 are ruined, and my goal was FIVE)

2. Card Stock: For coloring with Copics...use the cardstock that is recommended...."one" of my cards was not with the suggested brand...and it got "trashed" was my "cut up and practice with" card....keep in took about 15 minutes PER DESIGN to "color", waste of time and ink!

3. STAMPAMAJIG: I can't believe how much I really do use this. BUT...there is NO REASON TO RUSH THINGS...thus, pretty card...all messed up....trash trash trash (another 15 minutes of wasted time) (make sure it is aligned!!!)

4. Being impulsive: This doesn't pay off all the time....often, when I create, I AM impulsive.......grab a supply and run with this case....on a couple of my "glimmer mist" foible cards.....I tried to stamp very lightly a music score over the "running ink" looks like I tried to stamp music notes over the running ink....the cards are OK...but, as you can see...they are not the ones I chose to photograph!
5. Take the effort to do what you "should" do in the first place rather than "improvise"...this meaning EMBOSS. I embossed the "warm wishes" sentiment...but attempted alternatives on a couple of the cards....the alternatives, are with the music notes. :) I'm surprised I don't like to emboss since I don't mind spending too much time on other techniques...just not something I ever really liked doing. I guess that's why I like using the "Encore" metallics so much!

All lessons learned....I will probably do this card again....This year, I plan on sending cards out to my biggest clients, hand-made, hand-written, we usually send an appreciation gift too, this is my industry and it's all about wining and much as I'd like to spend oodles of energy crafting...that time of year, I can't. So, having a quick design is critical! It was just pointed out to me too, that we will be celebrating our 25th year of business here in the chocolate this holiday appropriate is that? Yep...I'll revisit this card....

It's great being back in the crafting spirit again....


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Monday is coming...

I actually spent 2 hours in my studio last night and finished something! The gnome card ... 12 finished and it is tweaked a bit, so the recipients who may have already seen it on my blog...are in for a surprise....the dude is modified, and I prefer the new and improved version....

I'm working on my Monday (3rd Monday of the month, I guess I'll call it Christmas Monday, March) card....I was only going to make FIVE...somehow, I can't do, 10 it is...what is WRONG WITH ME?! It's this over doing it that gets me all out of whack. Five would be doable...but, this is a new Christmas stamp, never used...and I really like it...and it seems easy....?! I don't want to break my resolution, so I may have dark circles under my eyes on Monday...burning the midnight oil Sunday night! Hey, I'm in town this weekend...with only ONE thing to do...(besides clean house)...

Signed up for the Run For Ribbons FunRun...a funrun supporting our local cancer center. It might be might be might be rainy and windy...but, I'll be out there with my 11 year old daughter running a 5K....YIKES!

The picture: I brought this to this last weekend volleyball tournament for the snack item....the tray was loaded full of white chocolate dipped giant pretzels, foiled mint chocolate shamrocks and gold foiled chocolate coins. I may offer these trays at Christmas (decorated accordingly) as "office gifts"...probably not quite as loaded, but the presentation similar. What a hit!

Maybe a new picture soon....for sure a new picture on CHRISTMAS MONDAY!



Thursday, March 3, 2011

Moment of Time

So, my project that I put off to the side while needing to finish the last Christmas card...(btw, March card...easy smeasy....and moving along nicely)...

I was thrilled to see a need to finish my little gnome card, as this little guy is one of the possible components for the Weekly Cricut Circle Challenge #22: "Once Upon A Time" ....include a fairytale or folklore image, what better time than NOW to move forward and FINISH!!! Besides, I have RAK peeps to send these out to.....

A little info: I've used 3 cricut cartridges on this design:
1. Stretch Your Imagination (the tree) (3")
2. Freshly Picked (the gnome at 2")
3. Celebrations (the banner)

Bit of trivia here...I have limited banner cuts on my 50+ cartridges!!! I searched on my gypsy...nada....I have to tell you...Celebrations is one of my first cartridges I've ever kidlets gave it to me for Christmas the year I bought my original Cricut (2006)....this is MY go-to seems to have the components that I need...this time the little triangles that I painstakingly attached together with the french knots. I wish I had a banner cartridge with the little scallopy edges...this WILL be in my future...but, I had fun playing with this just the same...

Another tidbit of triv....I'm a bit slow jumping on the banner bandwagon. I like what I see others do, ... I "get it" now....I REALLY like banners!!! I even have a banner included in on a FUTURE Christmas card design....not sure what month I'll be doing that one...but, will see more banners in my crafting future....hmmmmm....I wonder if you'll see banners with the little scallopy edges next time!!! I'm on a cartridge buying mission I see....

Look closely on this card...lots of dimension: polka dots on the hat....giant POP UP thingies on the little dude...of course a button (was going to attach brown macrame thread...but, decided I'm a button kind of girl! :)

Off I go...I made 12 of these....this is my first completed one....oh and the little guys EYES...I merely punched holes, put brown on the backside of the diecut...and applied glossy accents ... so, they sort of TWINKLE...all the little "cuts" on the gnome...I KNEW I wasn't going to be successful with him being so small...I decided to improvise and save a LOT of frustration!!!! Sort of reminds me of putting Goofy's teeth on once....(4" Goofy)...near impossible...freehand cutting, coloring of eyes, best for MWA!

Toodles and Happy Spring!