Monday, March 21, 2011

March Christmas Monday

It's the 3rd Monday of this month, and I have my new card to share. I TRIED to make this into more labor...and I struggled and learned a few things....

First, this stamp does not require extensive! That's my first lesson. I was going to stamp another "25" and cut it out to make it "pop"...but decided against it....The little bells do NOT need to be colored in glittery gold pen, that was a waste of time...the STAMPAMAJIG is VALUABLE on a design like original "stamp" was in a rich brown "I thought pigment" ink .... which I used because I colored my flowers and leaves in with my Copics, then restamped over with Gold Encore...lastly, I spritzed with an opal "glimmer mist" (or brand similar)

So, what lessons did I learn?

1. Don't glimmer mist with a dye will RUN (I'm glad I started with 11 cards...because 3 are ruined, and my goal was FIVE)

2. Card Stock: For coloring with Copics...use the cardstock that is recommended...."one" of my cards was not with the suggested brand...and it got "trashed" was my "cut up and practice with" card....keep in took about 15 minutes PER DESIGN to "color", waste of time and ink!

3. STAMPAMAJIG: I can't believe how much I really do use this. BUT...there is NO REASON TO RUSH THINGS...thus, pretty card...all messed up....trash trash trash (another 15 minutes of wasted time) (make sure it is aligned!!!)

4. Being impulsive: This doesn't pay off all the time....often, when I create, I AM impulsive.......grab a supply and run with this case....on a couple of my "glimmer mist" foible cards.....I tried to stamp very lightly a music score over the "running ink" looks like I tried to stamp music notes over the running ink....the cards are OK...but, as you can see...they are not the ones I chose to photograph!
5. Take the effort to do what you "should" do in the first place rather than "improvise"...this meaning EMBOSS. I embossed the "warm wishes" sentiment...but attempted alternatives on a couple of the cards....the alternatives, are with the music notes. :) I'm surprised I don't like to emboss since I don't mind spending too much time on other techniques...just not something I ever really liked doing. I guess that's why I like using the "Encore" metallics so much!

All lessons learned....I will probably do this card again....This year, I plan on sending cards out to my biggest clients, hand-made, hand-written, we usually send an appreciation gift too, this is my industry and it's all about wining and much as I'd like to spend oodles of energy crafting...that time of year, I can't. So, having a quick design is critical! It was just pointed out to me too, that we will be celebrating our 25th year of business here in the chocolate this holiday appropriate is that? Yep...I'll revisit this card....

It's great being back in the crafting spirit again....


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