Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Monday is coming...

I actually spent 2 hours in my studio last night and finished something! The gnome card ... 12 finished and it is tweaked a bit, so the recipients who may have already seen it on my blog...are in for a surprise....the dude is modified, and I prefer the new and improved version....

I'm working on my Monday (3rd Monday of the month, I guess I'll call it Christmas Monday, March) card....I was only going to make FIVE...somehow, I can't do, 10 it is...what is WRONG WITH ME?! It's this over doing it that gets me all out of whack. Five would be doable...but, this is a new Christmas stamp, never used...and I really like it...and it seems easy....?! I don't want to break my resolution, so I may have dark circles under my eyes on Monday...burning the midnight oil Sunday night! Hey, I'm in town this weekend...with only ONE thing to do...(besides clean house)...

Signed up for the Run For Ribbons FunRun...a funrun supporting our local cancer center. It might be might be might be rainy and windy...but, I'll be out there with my 11 year old daughter running a 5K....YIKES!

The picture: I brought this to this last weekend volleyball tournament for the snack item....the tray was loaded full of white chocolate dipped giant pretzels, foiled mint chocolate shamrocks and gold foiled chocolate coins. I may offer these trays at Christmas (decorated accordingly) as "office gifts"...probably not quite as loaded, but the presentation similar. What a hit!

Maybe a new picture soon....for sure a new picture on CHRISTMAS MONDAY!



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