Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Volleyball News

I realized I never shared our exciting volleyball news....with lots of white knuckles (had a very interesting experience with club tryouts this year...) and a bit of heavy heart, we chose to leave our former club team...mostly because there was a shortage of coaches and although there was a spot on a team for her, it wasn't the best fit.

And so we have begun a new phase of the game of volleyball....on an elite traveling team!!!! This will be new and exciting for our family as we will be traveling to very large tournaments and circuit play!!!

Practices start this week! My girl is one court closer to reaching her goals!!!


Friday, October 26, 2012


Probably the most talked about fruit we grow in our orchards are Quince. "What is a Quince?" is almost a daily question once the tree planted next to the driveway starts bearing fruit. Forget about the thousands of other trees...it's that one tree that draws attention the most. It looks like a fuzzy cross between an apple and a pear...many a customer is awfully surprised when they sneak one off the tree...bite into it and look out! It's not that apple pear taste they expected!

I googled the definition...not so sure the Wikipedia version is as accurate as mine, I'm sure there are several hybrid varieties since the pilgrims. (I learned that quince was a staple item on the ships to help prevent scurvy...sounds good to me, don't quote me on that though)

Quince also appeared in a favorite children's poem, "The Owl And The Pussycat", ... "they dined on mince and slices of quince" ...

Personally, I don't see how they could dine on quince...straight off the tree, it's very very bitter....that being said, it is a favorite with certain cultures. Quince are used in soups and stews in the Russian community, and the Mexican culture likes to sprinkle cayenne pepper on raw slice as a snack. So what are they used for?

Jelly. Hands down, this is MY favorite jelly! It's honey colored juice produces a rich golden jelly that is not only sweet on your morning toast, but makes a unique flavored condiment on sandwiches and meats as well. The taste is indescribable. It's one of those flavors you just have to try to understand!

My suggestion would be...if ever given the opportunity to try the jelly...you should! It's well worth it!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

I (heart) Volleyball

Finally, a little crafty item! The chocolate is actually white chocolate dipped graham crackers (shaped like pretzels) -- a product that my "day job" (aka our chocolate/specialty food business...if interested, www.adamsplacecountrygourmet.com or on facebook: Adams Place Country Gourmet, Inc.) manufactures. This time of year, this product is fairly popular, it makes a nice stand-alone gift item for the holidays. Anyhow, whenever I need a quick personal gift, I typically don't look much farther than my own business...yesterday was the last middle school volleyball match for my daughter...next we are on to club tryouts.... This year was my daughter's first year to play school ball...she has played volleyball on the club level since she was 8 years old...but, finally, as a 7th grader, she was able to play. The 6th graders and under are not allowed to play off campus sports, a distict wide policy...probably not a bad one, but one that has been difficult for my daughter since she EATS, SLEEPS AND DRINKS volleyball!!!!! What a fun year it has been. The girls bonded so well, and new friendships were made...my daughter was a true team player and we came off the season with nothing but positive memories! (And 7 out of 10 wins!) She played 2 positions, something that is only going to help her as she grows with this sport! I wanted to show the coaches our appreciation...her leadership skills were just waiting to appear on the court...up to now, she's been the youngest on her club team and never confident to take that role...and that she did FINALLY! I couldn't decide if it was appropriate to do the sentiment with the "Hokey Pokey"....it's sort of a little joke often from coaches ... and I didn't want to imply anything...so, I left it up to her which tag to use on the gifts. I made 4 and she could pick 2. What did she pick? (The hokey pokey one)....she really didn't care...she was on her cloud at the after party...so, I snuck the funny one over to her and had all the girls sign the tag. ;) Speaking of volleyball...in a couple of weeks...we may have some HUGE volleyball news to share....for now, I'm not assuming or saying anything...but, something is up...just not sure exactly yet. It's all good! :) Trudi

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween Display

This is my "day job". Taken at the San Francisco Giftshow. We have now been through 26 years of Halloweens!

New Design

I have no idea how to center my title and turn it into a different color....I have never been able to figure out how to apply headers to this blog!  That being said, I wanted a new look and thought I'd play around with a few options.  The white title is going to bug the daylights out of me, so I suspect when I put a new look on this blog in the next few weeks....I'll have it all fixed.  For now, I'm at least doing something with it!  :)

I actually have been dabbling a bit here and there in the craft room.  I even bought some new copic markers and cleaned my desk a bit.  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Pictures:  Seemed like only yesterday, but about 7 - 8 years ago.  Man I love these kids!  :)


Friday, October 5, 2012

Now What Do I Do?

Oh great....I just accidently deleted my blog list...blogs that I like to follow.  I meant to remove a couple that have since stopped, and add some new ones....now, I need to start fresh.  YIKES....and...I need to get started on my work day...FINALLY Friday....couldn't come soon enough!


Friday, September 28, 2012

Baby Journal

So, I started this 2 years ago, and the intent of the project was to be included in a gigantic baby basket raffle for my son's 4th grade fundraising project.  (Each class donated a HUGE themed basket, this one probably had $250 worth of baby goods inside)...Anyhow, that was 4th grade, he is now in 6th...so, as you can see...I wasn't very fast at finishing it!

In the meantime, I was going to give it to either a pregnant niece or nephew's wife....somehow, that didn't get done either...so I thought I'd give it to my daughter's volleyball coach (still not finished)....then....my niece JUST had a baby this spring...but, it was a GIRL....and now, I'm thinking rather than tear the little "boy" embellishment off...I'll wait for some other person to have a boy!

I'm not sure it turned out how I expected it to...but thank goodness, it's done! 

I wish I had a journal book when my babies were teeny...one that I wouldn't mind scribbles and writing...you know, those trips to the doctor, the little things that you know you won't forget, but you eventually do....unless written down....I have little pieces of "notes" everywhere, but have no idea what child they went with, and wish that I had known that one day, I really would want that info to scrapbook!  :)


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TGIP Day.....

TGIP Day....

I should post this on Friday, it's sort of a play on words....but, any and every day could be a PIE day!  I created these cards awhile ago, based on a challenge on the BBTB2 blog.  I just never finished them until about a month or more ago.  I sent them to my RAK friends, they all pretty much got something different.  I went crazy in the beginning and was thinking of all the pie possibilities...then picked out my designer paper and cardstock and colors to coordinate these different kinds of pies. 

Pies are something that I knew everybody liked, but wow...when I asked the question on my facebook page....what's your favorite pie....I heard from every long lost friend with an answer!  (I guess people really do read what others post!)  Anyhow, what a fun concept...give a TGIP card, along with a pie to a person who may need a special "lift".  I, sadly, know quite a few people right now, who are facing hard challenges.  Been there myself a time or two...and now it's my turn to be the friend with the shoulder to lean on.  I'm not sure I'll be giving out too many chocolate pie cards though...I've never made a chocolate pie!


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back Home!

I have been all over the place the last couple of weeks!  First, for business, we exhibited in the San Francisco Gift Show, it proved to be successful...I can't wait to start business relationships with many of the new customers we wrote orders for....

Next....not even home for 24 hours...we turned around and headed to Seaside, OR....where THE LARGEST beach volleyball tournament in the world is  held...yep...you heard it THE LARGEST...31 years in the making...we are already planning for next year.

My baby girl isn't that much of a baby anymore!  Not sure how to upload pictures here that were taken from my iPhone....will try when I have time!

In the meantime, I still have that crafting passion....I realize I never uploaded the last cards I finished.  I will do that this week!


Friday, July 20, 2012

Soaring by to say HI!!!!!

So, it's been awhile, I know!  I have to be honest, I have NOT felt like crafting for a long long time....I have yet managed to still acquire supplies, but not as rapid of a rate...that being said...I gave myself a stern warning...STOP BUYING...if I'm not going to use what I have.  I had unfinished projects that I was "stuck" on..."stuck", mainly because I saw some flaws in my skill level.  (I was embossing and I don't think I was using the best craft ink and the "finest" embossing powder....but, I was unwilling to "toss" my efforts, I was using pricey c/s, the kind to pair with my Copics....the idea rolling around in my head....never did happen....instead, I talked myself into just finishing them off the best way I knew how....(which was with a good ole blender pen and some regular dye inks....wish I had tried that in the first place!)

I'm not posting that card....I will in a couple of days though....the design I was working with was like no other design, in the end, I will chalk it up to a fun creative experience...it stretched my expertise to the maximum...and what I found...was simplicity was far better than trying to over-do something!

After that 6 month in the making card, however, I re-discovered my passion for paper crafting...and the ideas have been buzzing in my head ever since!  I wanted to do something light and fun...quick and easy...and by random, pick a set that I just had to have...I literally have hundreds of those....and that I did.....

The set is from Paper Trey and it's one that has been available for a couple of years....I'm a button addict, and I knew I needed this one!  I let the designer paper do most of the work on this one....something I never thought I'd do.....learn and luv to stamp on designer paper.  I always thought NOT ME!  So, I forced myself to try....and every time I do, I find myself satisfied with the result....I have a little list of NOT ME, NEVER...and I've managed to do 3 of that list on these very cards.
1.  Stamp on designer paper, let it be "the design"
2.  Sew/stitch (I can't believe I ever said NOT ME!  on this....)
3.  And I hate to admit...I said NOT ME!  to buttons.....long long long ago....wow...confessions of a button addict.....

My little stash of these I'm mailing to long lost friends, I lost touch with so many people...it's good to be back!  :)  The designer paper was in a Stampin Up! Sale-A-Bration pack that I acquired years ago, the set was another option that a friend gave me to play with!  (Thanks Kelly!)  I'm glad there are more of the design in the pack...I think I will revisit!  :)  The clouds are with my "Simply Charmed" Cricut cartridge that my daughter insisted I buy....I reluctantly did, reluctantly, because I wanted something else...I've turned out using this cartridge way more than my others....the kids has a flare for knowing what her mom "must have"! 

Have a great day!


Friday, June 15, 2012

Dropping In!

So, it has been a LONG time since I've  been on here!!!!  I like my New Years Resolution...I propped my January layout in my studio and never started February!  My next year's resolution will be to not make one....craft resolutions are IMPOSSIBLE!

Time ... and Life ... both those 2 concepts pretty much dictate creativity.  Without time, it's impossible to get busy creating...and when Life setps in and directs you in a different path....you simply have to take that path....

The path has brought me back to my craft room....

Now, IF I can figure out this new Blogger format....I may even start posting pictures again!  In the meantime, cherry season started around here...I know I've posted pics before...but this is our life about now!  These are off of one our Rainier cherry trees. 


Thursday, February 16, 2012


To think I'm going to try to do a total of 12 layouts....yikes...I have to speed up a bit on the next. I have all the days "journaled" though, so IF I were to move at the pace I did in the olden days, it's doable. It used to only take 2-3 nights to do a 2 page layout....I'd be up til early morning though, still in bed by dark....a bit older and much more tired...I can't do that anymore! :( So, I chip chip chip away at things!

I have started a card...that will come first...have about 10 to make for my RAK friends. Glad I didn't start it until today though. (OK I stamped ONE image this morning to start the thinking process...).... I found a bit of inspiration at the post office....which gave me "ideas"...you'll have to drop back by in a week or so...I hope it's "done"...I promise to make this one as "simple" as I can...I don't want my friends waiting on me! I'm already a week or 2 behind!

Oh, and my signature mark, on all my layouts...a bird...it's pretty obvious on this one!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


It's been a few weeks, I know! I discovered Pinterest and I'm literally hooked! I waited to sign on, glad that I did, as I had "stuff" pressing, now that I'm fairly caught up....business wise, I have a little down time to explore!

I did finish my layout, just need to put my trademark, a bird on it...somewhere on one of the 2 pages. I'll take a picture and upload when I do...

In the meantime...I made this years ago...I probably cased something that I had done somewhere, it looks like maybe I did....If I recall, one of my craft friends had a SU party and she demonstrated bookmarks....I just don't recognize this as something I dreamed up. I'm not one to case very often, so when I do...I like to remember and give credit where it's due...forgive me on this though, since I don't know who to give credit to!

I luv gnomes....and will be doing my Feb layout...(not started yet! yikes!)....with a gnome.... :)


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Month Journal

Although I can't honestly say I'm spending oodles of time in my craft studio, I can say, that I am spending a few minutes each day....which is a step in the right direction. I decided to "attempt" keeping up with a year journal, month by month, day by day. I had discovered this wonderful project idea smack dab around the 1st of January, and decided this might be a project for me. I do see, that I'm probably doing mine a little differently than the others...most of the designs are as if they are in a "book"... I never really looked closely to the way they were being done...I just saw the idea and ran with it my way. So, while many are "painting" their paper, lots of stamping, etc...and gorgeous result,...all in a "book"...I'm doing mine as a 2 page layout...perhaps I'll scrap a page or 2 of pictures that can help tell the month story...I don't know though...time is all a deciding factor for me...


It was half way through the month, with spring like temperatures, I was suddenly wishing I hadn't taken the snowman approach...since it didn't appear that we were going to get any January winter around here....then all of the sudden BAM...the big snow/ice storm of 2012 happened....although it only lasted 5 days or so...it did make an impact and I feel I can now justify the snowman that I wanted as my element!

I am NOT finished with the layout....I still have more to add...the upper left corner and the lower left corner has some work yet...(I struggle with blank spaces, it's my style, not for everyone, but for me....it's mine...I'm sure I'm breaking a scrapbooking rule out there somewhere....I tend to spend way too much time, but like a picture...some artists are clean and simple and some have oodles of detail that the eye can absorb bit by bit....I tend to think there should be NO RULES to any of this....I do like to use quality supplies though...afterall...if it's going to take a month to create...it better last for a long time!

I will post a finished product picture probably next week....I feel I have about 3-4 hours left on this, besides entering my daily comments...I will be starting February...this time though, I'm going to do something I rarely rarely rarely do...I'm going to follow the color scheme and possibly capture an idea or 2 off of a beautiful beautiful beautiful design I had seen .... I just luv the colors here, and I want to add some mushrooms....we'll see....don't you think this is GORGEOUS!


In the meantime, I apologize for this being blurry...rather than bring this to my picture place in the factory, I brought the camera HOME...so, the lighting is not right and the edge of my table really wasn't the best place to photograph!

What a month!


Thursday, January 19, 2012



You wonder...where did I disappear? Anyone who reads my blog knows, I am not short of words to say...so bear with me...

IMMEDIATELY after New Years Day....my husband and I headed out of town for a few days of R&R....I was hesitant for a couple of reasons....first....I was JUST GETTING OVER BEING SICK! Yep, I was in bed by 3:30 in the afternoon, New Years Eve....one might think I had the flu....I don't think I did...just a huge let down from Christmas business ... I go from high energy to no energy practically, and for 25 years of business...it's always the same! :(

Second....the morning we left (January 2)...I had the phone ringing off the hook...I think 50% of this month's business was all taken/done in 2 hours ... (not really) ... it just seemed like it. One of my national accounts was put on a spending freeze late November...so, I heard from most of the account execs that we deal with bright and early January 2nd. I'm tickled pink (and red since it's Valentines....) that we have such a loyal company that orders from us. Still not sure I should reveal names of who I work with...lets just say...it's a big company and a wonderful one to do business with. Some time in the future, I'll put a "plug" in for them...unrelated to this post.

Third....I was leaving at a time when I really couldn't....but....if I can't leave for 2 days without the sky falling....then something is wrong. I'm "working" at trying to get things where I can leave a day here and a day there....just probably shouldn't be directly after a major holiday and a time when the stores and companies need to "reload"!

So, I'm finally back on track...and DANG!


Just when I think I'm back to normal...I have delays in shipping and all that nasty stuff....a customer who is white knuckled for a deadline and another pushing the delivery limit...what a fun business I'm in! LOL!

I will say, however...after 25 years I've learned to shut the lights off and hopefully leave most of the stress at the factory (unless I'm being contacted every hour while having a couple days of R&R!!!)....so...when the employees went home tonight...our fun city is basically CLOSED due to bad weather...I'm hoping to continue my very fun project! Yep...I've been creating!

I don't have a picture yet, but will soon.....I'm thoroughly enjoying this project...so much that I'm hoping I can see it through....

I never did state any craft goals for 2012...so, here they are...and I'm going to be simple since I failed last years!

1. Complete a whole year (yep, 12 months!) of the "journaling blocks" pages! (it's fun!)

2. Stay current with my RAK group. I sort of stumbled this last year...I'm still current now, and I don't plan on not. I really enjoy my group of friends that I've exchanged cards with since....about 2004!!! I think it was around then when I joined this group...haven't ever dropped out...I did flake last year...but, I'm really going to try to not again. Personal life sometimes takes over!

Now for my "personal resolutions"

1. Get back into the size I was 2 years ago! I never fit that slinky dress for my class reunion, but I will this summer! It's doable!

2. Sit back and "enjoy". I guess this first half of my life I've proven that I tend to get a little stressed out....I'm going to TRY really hard to "chill"....enjoy my kids while they are kids....take it all in because it can slip away fast....

3. Embrace my family and friends....know my blessings; make each moment spent with them as if it was my last...know what really matters.

There you go....this picture was taken a few years ago...I am not energetic enough to go out and take a picture of the snow of 2012. Trust me...it's about twice as much with a sleet coming down on it...it's icky...the picture is, however of our lower orchard...the last one that I would need to walk through in the event I end up walking home from the factory. I don't really want to do this in the dark...the wild animals come out at night to play...there is a coyote I see every day that doesn't even run anymore when he/she sees me...by now, I'm sure wiley coyote is pretty hungry!

Couple of days from now...I hope to have a show of what I'm doing! It's really fun! (did I mention it was fun?! lol)


Sunday, January 1, 2012



I think I found the challenge that suits ME!!!!! Finally, something that has me thinking...I really want to do this...stay tuned over the next few days....and...I'm taking my sweet daughter shopping to use her gift cards from birthday and Christmas.....will just have to stop off at a craft store on the way home!!! :) Up late tonight? Maybe!!! I feel back to par...slept through the ball dropping fighting a terrible cold...but 3 hot bubble baths later and leftover Chinese food...I feel great!~

Oh and Happy New Years to all!!!! Stand by for my New Years "post"...I failed on last years craft resolutions...am rethinking of what might be "attainable" for 2012!!!