Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TGIP Day.....

TGIP Day....

I should post this on Friday, it's sort of a play on words....but, any and every day could be a PIE day!  I created these cards awhile ago, based on a challenge on the BBTB2 blog.  I just never finished them until about a month or more ago.  I sent them to my RAK friends, they all pretty much got something different.  I went crazy in the beginning and was thinking of all the pie possibilities...then picked out my designer paper and cardstock and colors to coordinate these different kinds of pies. 

Pies are something that I knew everybody liked, but wow...when I asked the question on my facebook page....what's your favorite pie....I heard from every long lost friend with an answer!  (I guess people really do read what others post!)  Anyhow, what a fun concept...give a TGIP card, along with a pie to a person who may need a special "lift".  I, sadly, know quite a few people right now, who are facing hard challenges.  Been there myself a time or two...and now it's my turn to be the friend with the shoulder to lean on.  I'm not sure I'll be giving out too many chocolate pie cards though...I've never made a chocolate pie!


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