Thursday, March 14, 2013

Just Because

So I'm now inspired to try to keep the blog alive....and stumbled upon this card that I made PRE-COPIC days! I fell in love with this stamp line, Stamping Bella, years ago!

I see Blogger has gone through some changes since my last blogging a few months ago...I'm struggling uploading my new look, (it took forever this morning and I didn't have forever...) so, bear with me....Once I figure out how to upload a link, I'll be a happy girl.

In the meantime, my simple Just Because card will have to do! (If I recall, this was really fun to make, maybe simple is better!?)


Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I have a sneaky hunch I uploaded this card years ago. I was feeling guilty not posting anything here for awhile! While searching through my gallery of pictures I spotted this card....I am trying to maintain my business facebook page by daily or at least every other day uploading a picture of something chocolate. I am finding facebook is a wonderful way to stay in front of my customers. I've gotten business off of it, and have become re-aquainted with retailers that I may have lost touch with over the course of 27 years of business! Wow...hard to believe it was almost 27 years ago when we started our specialty food business. We have weathered much!

Here's a link, if interested in taking a glimpse of what I "do" in my daily life! If you "like" us, you may be in for some fun pictures since I never quite know what I'm going to put on it from day to day!

It is: Adams Place Country Gourmet, Inc.

As far as crafting.....hmmmmmmm....I've spent a LOT of time watching my kidlets in their sports. My daughter is now taller than I am (back in the day, I was almost 5'11"), and she is only 13 years old! She's in volleyball heaven as her goal is over 6'! (I have shrunk, so I'm guessing she is probably 5'10ish) And my son is doing GREAT...thriving in basketball and now baseball season is starting! It's been almost 2 years since his tumor scare, so far it has not grown back, we go back to Children's in the next few weeks.

I promise to try to get this blog alive again. I let my SU demo status drop....placed my required order on the last day of pending and slipped through the cracks. I have proof that it came in on time and that it was at the $ it needed to be....but, got dropped. This was right in the middle of my Christmas rush, didn't have time to make the, decided to let it go....

We will see...maybe I'll look into it the meantime, I'm loving being a MOM taking in every moment of my children while they are still children...yep, it does go by fast.....

I have some fun cards 3/4 of the way finished. I am HOME for the next 2 volleyball travel, thank goodness! I want to finish these and clear the table...if and when I do...I'll post a picture! It's a fun one...just once again...LABOR OF LOVE!