Thursday, February 16, 2012


To think I'm going to try to do a total of 12 layouts....yikes...I have to speed up a bit on the next. I have all the days "journaled" though, so IF I were to move at the pace I did in the olden days, it's doable. It used to only take 2-3 nights to do a 2 page layout....I'd be up til early morning though, still in bed by dark....a bit older and much more tired...I can't do that anymore! :( So, I chip chip chip away at things!

I have started a card...that will come first...have about 10 to make for my RAK friends. Glad I didn't start it until today though. (OK I stamped ONE image this morning to start the thinking process...).... I found a bit of inspiration at the post office....which gave me "ideas"'ll have to drop back by in a week or so...I hope it's "done"...I promise to make this one as "simple" as I can...I don't want my friends waiting on me! I'm already a week or 2 behind!

Oh, and my signature mark, on all my layouts...a's pretty obvious on this one!


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