Wednesday, February 15, 2012


It's been a few weeks, I know! I discovered Pinterest and I'm literally hooked! I waited to sign on, glad that I did, as I had "stuff" pressing, now that I'm fairly caught wise, I have a little down time to explore!

I did finish my layout, just need to put my trademark, a bird on it...somewhere on one of the 2 pages. I'll take a picture and upload when I do...

In the meantime...I made this years ago...I probably cased something that I had done somewhere, it looks like maybe I did....If I recall, one of my craft friends had a SU party and she demonstrated bookmarks....I just don't recognize this as something I dreamed up. I'm not one to case very often, so when I do...I like to remember and give credit where it's due...forgive me on this though, since I don't know who to give credit to!

I luv gnomes....and will be doing my Feb layout...(not started yet! yikes!)....with a gnome.... :)


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