Thursday, April 1, 2010

One of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth....

So, when I saw this particular stamp set in the SU catalogue, I KNEW it would be mine....I'm an Eastern Washington girl, and although most people associate Washington State with all the greenery and beautiful mountain side of the state offers in my mind, equal beauty, but drastically different. I'm a WSU grad, and to get from where I live to the quaint little community in Pullman, WA...I have to travel through literally miles and miles of wheat land. (About 2 hours of driving until we see trees!) Taking that drive for 4-1/2 years in a row, several times a year...I feel as if I almost know each curve, bump and it was yesterday. I've admired the terrain each time, like it was a first time to see it...I've taken in the different stages of the crops...I can hear the gentle rustle of the wheat slightly blowing in the's comforting, it brings me back to a time where although life seemed so uncertain, it's full of memories I cherish (good and bad) for a lifetime...those memories turned me from a teenager to an adult...and has made me what I am today.

I'm sure there are wheat fields (for miles...and miles and miles) in other states...and I'll bet that the same tranquility and calmness is found in these places too....I tried to upload a picture I found of this paradise...but somehow didn't quite know how here is a link!

Now, my card....(I'm thinking the bales are hay bales you see in the won't see these in wheat fields, but our community certainly raises fact a good friend of mine farms the little cubes that get shipped overseas. I grew up on a farm, we too sold hay...mainly for horses...they weren't these kind either ....on my next post, I'm going to share some farm days layouts....) Back to my card....I didn't really read the sentiment closely...just thought it was a nice saying....but after the matter...I thought this is a very good sentiment for sympathy. I made extras for my stash, and unfortunately, 1/2 of them have been used for sympathy in the last week. I've mailed out 3 recently...and hope my remaining 3 stay on the shelf for a long time. I will revisit this set, after creating with a set, I typically move on to the next...but, I'm going to take another stab at duplicating those fields I long ago traveled through...

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