Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Camera

IS KAPUT! First, it's been a physically and emotionally tough week. Physically....allergies+virus=sick....I was home most of Friday...and just starting to feel up to snuff! I swelled up like a puffer fish because of all the fluids I drank....(fever)....had tummy issues (only for about 4 hours...odd, very odd...)and ended up itchy (allergies I'm thinking)...anyhow....I've been out of commission! Emotionally.....stuff! But..."stuff" is resolved...til the next thing!

I went to go take pictures of the LAST layout to share....and I think the camera is finally ready to get replaced. It's been about 8 years that I've had this one, I use it for our business...literally gotten my $ worth....I hope I can find one like it to replace it. It's so much easier to deal with than my at home camera!

Sorry nothing crafty current. I'm concerned I need to go out and quickly buy a new camera. I was hoping to spare that....I'm recharging batteries, hoping that will solve my issue....I depend on taking virtual samples of our chocolate product...daily...for proposals! The card is one that I made awhile ago....SU set and designer paper!
Hopefully, pics tomorrow of the last layout...once I get this camera thing solved!

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  1. Awww Trudi

    sorry to hear about the camera! This card is AMAZING!!!!!!