Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It's official now......we will be going branding again this year. My husband's family has a cattle ranch, I've been "branding" there once, maybe twice in the last 24 years that we have been together........they do things modern, and get it done...as fast as possible.

So, branding isn't new to me...but doing it the good old fashioned cowboy way has been something I've been exposed to only in the last couple of years! My son is friends with a lil' cowboy (8 years old) whose Dad is a world famous rodeo bull-fighter. He lures the bull away from the cowboy who has been bucked off... they own a huge ranch, tucked away in the hills surrounded by sagebrush and wilderness...sort of like what you may see on movies like "Lonesome Dove"...or Wild West shows....anyhow, they brand the old fashioned way...with real cowboys on horseback, the whole nine yards....there is a bunk house, and a fire pit...where campfire beans are being simmered for the afterwards feast. We feel very honored to be included in the mix of people invited. In the last few years, our western friends have also auctioned invitations for urban people to participate in this cowboy experience. They donate the proceeds to charity... it's quite an ordeal.

My lil' cowboy and his buddy are all over the hills...while, although I'm a farm girl...I'm still not quite that wild west...as I watch where I walk...avoid any rustling sound...or "piles".

This year, my son has committed himself to play 2 songs on guitar (to the cowboys, and I guess the newly branded calves...which I've been told doesn't hurt) ... with his teacher by his side ... I'm sure I'll have stories to share ... we always do! I suspect this will be around a campfire...this might be a new experience for me...we have never stayed the into night...YIKES! (It's dark, so driving out...may need to be by the light of the moon! I don't plan to spend the night!!!)

This recipe layout is one that I did for a swap a few years ago...I had my husband's Granddad in mind when I created it....(the recipe)...although branding on the ranch is a "get it over" thing (for them) these days...once upon a time, I know he did it the old fashioned way too. (When he passed away, we lost one of the last Eastern Oregon real deal cowboys)...He'd be tickled to know how much I look forward to going to our friend's event, and that his great grandson plays guitar (he did too, that and the fiddle)...he never met our kidlets...I was such a whiney weinie back in the day (during branding only....that or hunting things), I think a star will be twinkling down on us!

I'm going to post a new card tomorrow, I promise! I just wanted to make sure my recipients received their cards before I posted!


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