Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Aloha-Take 2

Here is the rest of my Hawaii pages. I'm 100% convinced this is all Maui...I made a pocket which included additional scenic pictures as well. I can just smell the suntan lotion as we speak...and the fragrant orchid smells....picture myself lounging around by the pool...later to shop the quaint shops in Lahaina....ending up at Moose McGillicuttie's. By the way, for those who are wondering....the person in the picture here is my sister....you can find me on the previous post...I'm the girl in the light blue shorts outfit (with polka dots)...keep in mind...this is a picture about 25 years ago! (and the 3 girls together, I'm the one on the right ... in the bathing suit...sis in front is one of my crafty sis's who is helping with the gift for the sis in the short/WSU shirt!)
I also wanted to comment...thanks to those who have been posting comments! I'm not sure if there is a way I can directly e-mail you back...off my blog! I'm learning blogger ... still can't arrange pictures to my liking...I need to dedicate some learning time...I tend to zip on zip off during my work day ... like right now....I'm procrastinating work.... :]

Once again...I'm craving fresh pineapple...I'm lucky we don't have any gummy pineapple here in the factory...it would throw my diet for today!!! LOL!


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