Thursday, March 25, 2010

I LUV Candy!

I'm like a kid in a candy shop...ok, not the kid thing. I'm not 100% convinced that all of you know what I do in real life. (In play life, I sneak into my craft studio and scrapbook, create cards, or just hide...this is when I'm not being a Mom and follow my 9 and 10 year old kidlets from sporting event to sporting event and all other kinds of kid things!)

Back to my "real life" job....I own a specialty food, primarily novelty chocolate business. My Mom and I started it in 1986...after I gave corporate life the "boot"...I am convinced I simply cannot play office politics very well....instead...I have my own kitchen politics, yet..this time, I'm probably the unpopular one! :)

I grew up on a farm, and 24 years ago, we decided to add farm value added products, thus our food line. I never dreamt we would be distributing all over the country to specialty shops/retailers and event planners! I don't think I should probably share some of the celebrities or "names" who have received our products (there are some pretty interesting people)... I'm the indirect supplier, I mostly sell through another party....the multi-levels of marketing! It's been a good life, business ups and downs...but, I wouldn't have changed (too much at least) our ride for anything. I have enjoyed the family business...and am thrilled to be first generation of this aspect of it. I'll have to admit, the orchards I am 2nd generation to...that was my parents dream, they developed this beautiful piece of earth into farming, mostly husband nows manages it...since the beginning of time, we've added 26 acres of asparagus...It's a living for us...and a way of life for our kids too.

The picture I'm sharing is ad specialty...we sell to many companies who use our products as marketing tools. One of my bestest customers and I, luv to dream up new ideas for her to take around to her clients. This was her suggestion...I know the concept isn't new...we have been making the orange jelly belly version for years now...but, I had never made them pastel...I have managed to taste test these too!

So from time to time, IF you see something edible on's because I'm procrastinating from working...the FYI on my "real life" too, will hopefully explain why we do what we do! (Butterflies from the last post! I'm not sure what kind of event that was for...maybe a Bat Mitzvah?)

Thanks for dropping by! I now have 100 of these to get packed and 2nd Day Aired out the door!


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  1. Trudi

    Thank you for sharing your history. It is very interesting. I hope you have continued success with your business.