Monday, March 22, 2010


So, I went up to my little photo lab...(where I take pics of our chocolates with each proposal is a requirement....I am forced into technology!!! LOL! Actually, I don't know why I resisted it for so truly does save me time and money to be e-mailing pictures of's been a long learning curve with our business...considering we started it right when personal computers were entering the market ... there wasn't such a thing as internet then!) (enough about that)...anyhow...BATERRIES KAPUT! Too bad, too....I was about ready to reveal my favorite layout of sis's gift. Even more important....I created over the weekend, and will post results in a few days....these are RAKS...and hopefully can be delivered before they are shown on my blog. Typically, after I make a pile of cards with a set...I move on from that set...ready to grab onto other precious sets...this one, however...I KNOW I will be using again in the near future. I'll try to remember to tell you's something about the "feel" of this reminds me of Eastern WA so much...that in the near future...I'll pull it out again. I have you the end of the, I promise!

But for today....the picture I am posting...I have belonged to a recipe swap group...where we "themed" our pages and ultimately ended up with our own little themed cookbooks. I have about 10 of these books now, and in the early days...the hostess then was so kind to punch our pages and have as an option...chipboard and binding for us to complete our book.

Well...last week...I pulled one of those recipes out...and cooked it up...from our Salads Book. Mary, if you are reading...I've made your rice/hamburger/salsa casserole recipe over and over...and can't seem to get enough of it. The theme was salads and I think picnics...I serve this hot ... so dinner it is! If anybody is interested...I don't think Mary would mind if I shared...just let me know!

This is the cover I decorated for this swap. Like I said...batteries kaput...but this cover reminds me of SPRING!

Hope you all had a great Monday! Mine was BUSY!!!!



  1. Trudi

    I remember hearing you talk about recipe swap groups! I would LOVE a copy of that recipe Rice/Hamburger/Salsa Casserole if Mary doesn't mind you sharing it. You know my email!


  2. Trudi, please- share away! ;)