Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another Layout

By now, you are probably getting tired of seeing my scrap layouts for the never ever ever ever ending gift....never fear...I'll be done soon with these since...eventually, I'll run out of them to take pictures of! Truly, I've wanted to get pics of these, so when I ever do give sis the gift....I'll have a recollection of what I did. It's been quite awhile since I've actually ventured into my craft studio...I have to snap out of my funk and get back my inspiration to create. Once I get in my's fun and easy...just staying up late and walking down the stairs through the darkness to my magic hideaway is hard. I've taken a loooooooooong break....and IN WRITING (on this blog even)...have threatened to actually finish something....just never quite can see it through. Volleyball season is ALMOST over, and all the political "stuff" and travel will come to a screeching hault....I'm sure by then....there will be something else to fill the emotional void though!!!

This layout....I actually fell in deep luv creating. I had NEVER worked with Vintage Violet cardstock (some of you know how much I liked that year of SU "in colors"....especially True Thyme...well...VV is also one that I wish I had played with earlier too.... that particular year for "in colors" was DOPE! (as Randy would say!) I recall picking out ALL KINDS OF pet designer papers....I literally had other options, but of course, for ONE layout....I needed to stock up on dozens of choices....after all....if I don't use it on this layout....I'm sure some other pet will work with the left overs! I also wanted to point now, I started my signature on ALL MY LAYOUTS....somewhere on each layout I design...I either hide or obviously have a BIRD. It could be something I've added or something already there. 100 years from now, the recipients will have no idea who we all are...but, they will be looking for DA BIRD! Fun fun fun layout to create....just luv the puppy eyes.....and had fun pulling out strange stamps I've acquired from my early stamp buying days...thus...the little fish bones and mini paw prints! Toby and Charlie were 2 very loved pets of my sister's. I used all kinds of supplies...from cricut to stamps to fun papers to machine stitching to these little bling blings that I've read about called stickles! This was one of those layouts...that I just felt good about! :)

I'll try to mix things up in the next few blog posts....I think I have a card ready to photo and post!



  1. Trudi

    These layouts are adorable. You know I love my Samson and have tons of layouts on him too. GREAT JOB!!!!

    Marilyn C. (mmc123mac)

  2. HI Trudi, I've been enjoying your layouts!
    And, YES, I remembered about your "bird siggy" and have been looking for it! LOL!
    Great job!!!