Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Christmas in Washington! LOL!

Since I did the Texas Christmas, here is the Washington state one! I wanted to upload this yesterday...but my battery issue...Actually, I needed to get a picture of a green chocolate butterfly to a customer of mine who ordered a couple hundred Spring chocolate flowers, bees, ladybugs, etc...somehow, I'm not convinced there are green butterflies, so before I move forward with that portion of the order...I needed a confirm! The centerpieces will be beautiful I'm sure...just not sure of the green! While I was at my lil' photo lab...I decided to get the pictures of what I intended to do yesterday...(pretty long unnecessary bit of info there, huh!?)

This layout is from many years ago, as all the layouts I've shown are...Back in the magic days when my nephews knew that Santa was real (Santa is real, isn't he?)...now that little blondie is playing college baseball (3rd base) and is being scouted for the next step of his baseball career...another little cutie is studying to be a neuro surgeon...amazing....life still is waiting to see what my little kidlets aspire to be...I couldn't be more proud of my family...my kids and nieces and nephews...this scrapbook has huge meaning to me too...I'm ready to get it completed, but will miss it. (My standstill with finishing it happened about the anniversary of a very hard chapter of our lives....I'm ready to face this year's "day"......as we approach the 3rd anniversary in the next couple of weeks...I'm aware of my setback...and am ready to try to deal again.) I want to give this gift in August...just have some hard layouts ahead.

I also want to note...this isn't 100% complete. I need to include a list of traditions on a tag to tuck into my pocket at the top. I just haven't done it yet...it's close...need to print out and do.

This one is obvious...but look out for Da Bird....I used a favorite cricut cartridge on this..."Joys of the Season".

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