Friday, March 19, 2010

Christmas Layout

ANOTHER Layout...soon I'm going to run out of finished work on this book...and I'll have to get motivated to finish the undone pages! My goal is to be finished by August 1....and I haven't touched a layout for almost 8-9 months...I am deceiving you all by appearing busy! All these pages were created prior to my slacking off! I fell asleep early last night, but had great plans to create. Maybe tonight. I've been trying to lose 10 pounds, and somehow, quiet time in my studio with a cup of sugar free cocoa w/sugar free/fat free coolwhip is a treat I look forward to...that and 2-3 Weight Watchers treats to munch on....truth be told...this motivates me into that room!

I plan on finding a few of those quiet hours this weekend...I'm in need of a little "me" time.

P.S. I spent Christmas with my sister in Fort Worth, TX one year...I was 20ish at the time....she lived there for a few years, but is back up north now!!! One of my favorite places was Billy Bobs and Cheers....I knew this layout needed some non-traditional colors....often times, I have commented about a "tree" I created for a design that took me 4 hours to think up and do....I literally stared at the paper and meditated...I know it isn't anything special...but to me...I keep remembering I could have driven to Seattle in the time it took to create this tree! Also...look for the bird...not too hard to find now that I talked about my tree! My signature is to include a bird on every could be in a picture even...anyhow...somewhere in the 2 DA BIRD!

Happy Friday!


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