Monday, July 12, 2010

Deep Cleaning

I'm really not happy in my extremely messy house. I think once it gets "fixed", I might enjoy my free time more. I have my work cut out for's been years...and I just can't seem to convince my children that a garbage can is there for a reason....mind you, I'm not a neat and tidy person. I'm that "expressive" personality type A person you learned about in college....brainiac scrapbooking had me as a right brain, or was it a left brain scrapper. I know the left part of your brain is the creative portion...but I think the quiz I took had it flipflopped. Anyhow, when I took those courses, I fell into the "no rules" everything but the kitchen sink, bling bling SLOW category....I guess there are less of me than I thought...most fall into the category somewhere in between. I'll find my quiz and share the deets with you in the next few days. In fact, I'll share the whole concept...(I took a seminar...just LUVVED it!!!!)

In the plan is to take a couple days off this week...and deepclean...but, unfortunately, it took me 3 hours to clean my fridge yesterday....I'm getting a jump start on it before Thursday and Friday roll around. I really don't want my cleaning to continue on the weekend, but, I'm fearful it will...I guess it is what it is...I don't want to admit it...but, it's been literally too long to share how long it's been. I have 3 other family members also involved, maybe a little reluctant...but we all agree...we don't like living in mess.....

Today, I uncovered a project I started 3 YEARS AGO!!!!! I made a recipe box for my dear niece for Christmas, and the idea was to make more for sisters. Anyhow, the naked boxes along with the paint and dried up paint brush were found....I was doing these in the kitchen...I guess I better move them back to my studio, so I can stare at them unpainted for another 3 years! LOL!

I'm posting pictures of what I did do for my niece. I had huge inspiration from one of my favorite designers, Linda.
Like I said this was YEARS ago...I'm not sure where you would find her original posting, but....her style is awesome, if you get a ought to stop by. She's also one of the nicest craft people I've corresponded with. That too, has been over a few years...but, I remember how nice she was the few times we did e-mail back and forth!

Have a nice Monday!


  1. Oh Trudi, dear sweet friend! YOU R NOT ALONE!!! My summer project is to PERGE! Good luck! I'll be thinking of you as I un-clutter! Lia

  2. Trudi!

    When you get through, I could use some help too!! LOL! I reorganized (straightened up) my scrap supplies today. Hope you are not having hot weather like we are here in the south.

    Marilyn C.