Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Little Counter

Is going to make it to 4 digits with the next person who comes onto the site....which funny could be ME after I post tends to create a "hit".... anyhow, next person...(whether you are my 1000th or not)...(plus, I already have hit that...just I have 2 little counters...this one tends to not be as ahead of the game and "misses" counts...that's ok...when I truly hit the 1000 mark...I wasn't "ready", I am now...
Anyhow, for the next person who wants to leave a little comment for me...I'll send them a little treat ... sort of a little blog candy I guess. Of course, you won't know what it is quite yet...but, I have ideas...I will correspond privately for mailing info.... the creative inspiration came BACK...In my deep-cleaned (partially deep-cleaned) house....I have a little tray of something I'm working on...I usually don't bring my works in progress out of my craft studio into other parts of my house...I even have my scor-pal out of it's "spot"....I went home at lunch and "eyed" what I'm doing...I am excited to tackle it tonight...won't leave a picture camera batteries are recharging! I'm tickled pink (or maybe I should say red & gold) that I am not "stuck" on a design! I just needed to move on from what I was doing!

I am putting up a picture of one of our most popular items though...chocolate dipped fortune cookies...each cookie has a custom message inside, dipped in chocolate and drizzled in any colors...perfect for weddings and events! I send these all over the hot nation all summer long...this week we shipped cookies to Michigan, actually had 2 orders going to 2 different locations in MI. Sent elsewhere too, just not cookies. Next week...Windermere, FL...yep, I am a meteorologist in my spare time!



  1. I left a comment but I think it got lost!
    congrats on all the hits!
    Anyway can never resisit one of YOUR treats!

  2. Yippee Lia! Thanks for being my milestone "hit"! I have your address and will be sending you a little surprise!