Thursday, July 8, 2010


OK...I read my blog post from the other day pertaining to Farmers Market. Part of me wants to remove the post...I was -- shall I say, a little passionate about the subject? It still makes me a bit peeved....but, I'm sure it will catch up to the market eventually. I could complain loud enough that it changes, but I think I'll just let it go, and find another way for my children to learn marketing. It's not worth the negative energy....besides, all the customers who come our way support us...and luv to comment. :) Truly, my personality isn't that impulsive is it? To actually write about it on my blog? haha

We started picking peaches....I feel like a sheepdog since I have NOT ventured in my craft room. I haven't told many, but I am having some serious pain with my tailbone for awhile, at night...I just want to go lay down on a heating pad! It's been since the beginning of the new year (even before)...I'm finally convinced to go get it looked at. (how embarrassing is that?!)

I'm posting a picture of me in the past....I think this was 1982...the newspaper found me newsworthy.....


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