Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Last Trailer!

So this was the last of the big stuff. It's now the odds and ends that are left, summer is over now as far as the stress. It rained right before harvest, but not so close to harvest where it did any damage. The rains did devastate our early variety (we only have 100 young trees), but spared our major crop, (the Bings)(about 2000 trees). I should have taken a picture of us sorting the was NOT fun....but fortunately, by the time I got my hands into that process...we were down to only 500 pounds to do or so. We sold every single cherry of the Chelans, but did not pack them out, kept them for our sales here locally. Our bings were HUGE, and no splits.....and all those bins, filled and gone! Yippee! Today, we are taking the kids to Toy Story, 3D......sort of a "yippee" after the season...
Next, it's last picture...those wood bins...are to store apricots....(the truck brings empties and takes away full ones)...we have probably pounds wise....twice as many cots than cherries....1/2 the crew stays and moves right into those orchards....what a life!
Now that things are settling down...I REALLY want to do something crafty...REALLY really REALLY really REALLY really!!! Hopefully, I'll blow off the "dust" (figure of speach, my studio is actually pretty clean right now due to lack of activity! :( and get busy on SOMETHING.... after Toy Story 3D...I KNOW I'm going to want that new Cricut Cartridge coming out in July!!!

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