Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pickled Asparagus

OK...if my creative time is going to be deprived by pickling asparagus...I better at a you what my day was like. I did get a chance to go for a 4 mile run...but beyond that...I've been consumed with THIS! I managed to get 40 pints...and I better be eating this stuff all year...or be invited to a lot of parties....(we always wrap deli ham with cream cheese and pickled asparagus...people now expect us to bring this....) I actually could have done more...but decided to eat it fresh this week...a couple of nights of bacon wrapped baked asparagus, maybe a stir-fry and probably cooked the old fashioned dente with margarine and salt. I just had to give up...I know I'll be left with oodles of it next year...I just know it...but yesterday was our official last day of had no choice!

I did create a new pasta salad recipe...that uses the little pickled of my customers is requesting the recipe (she is publishing a cookbook with products from our region...this recipe does call for one of our items...but, I also included pickled asparagus, which we do not do commercially, however...there are manufacturers around our region who, this recipe is a MUST for her book!), tomorrow, when I'm at work...I'm going to create the recipe on paper...I'll post it then as was pretty good (I made it last weekend)....I even figured Weight Watcher points for it too! I have to be friend who is a caterer...made something kept the taste tucked in my memory and then came home and tried to COPY!!!! Anyhow....I did 40 pints...would have been 41, but one of them broke in the canner....



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