Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Background Stamps

Last week, I meant to upload a picture of a card I created quite some time ago. I intended to upload it onto the CHF gallery during their first week of summer fun...each week they are featuring a different line of their wonderful stamps. I hesitated to upload this for a couple of reasons. First, I feel that somewhere I have seen something similar done with this background stamp...and I'm afraid subconsciously I may have "cased" it...I don't want to take the credit entirely on my own...BUT...that being said....I suspect with a background stamp like this...a design probably will be similar to others...it's such a nice stamp...it doesn't need much more than stamping it!

I machine stitched vellum over the image (Toile Backgrounder) and stamped a sentiment on the vellum so it would "pop". I think it's the use of the tulle that may have been something I've seen in my mind....the felt heart was cut using my ancient red original sizzix machine...(I have about 75 dies....I will never part with....)and the button...well...that's almost a given with me...if there is a spot on the card for it...I will put a button on it! This is sort of a vintagey feel ... or those french plates....I enjoyed making this card...and the little boy on it...sort of reminds me of my Dad with my Grandma...I have that vision for some reason!

Oh, and the 2nd reason I didn't upload it...I had a CRUDDY end of my week last week...full of shipping stress. It all worked out, but I had an issue with 2 of my overnight shipments...and was on the phone all day Thursday with our shipper trying to get some decent answers. We made the deadline, and the packages were finally delivered a day late....but....in the meantime....it had me in KNOTS. When oh when will this stress get less stress? Yesterday wasn't much better, but I went running at the end of the day and got some of that negative energy out...Exercise really does a body AND soul good....

Have a good day!



  1. Trudi, this is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I regret not getting that stamp!!

  2. BEAUTIFUL! I love your work!
    So glad the shipping stuff worked out! :) You knew it would....just sand right?? ;)