Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cherry Harvest 2010

Yesterday, while fiddling with my Cricut Gypsy, which I think is the cat's meow...just luv my little Gypsy....and I have yet to cut with it...I like it to design and see what the new cartridges are like, portably that is...anyhow...daydreaming as to how to get out of my creative dawned on me...I need to work on something NEW...I've been doing swap things, gifts, etc...but nothing NEW for jumped into my head....and in the process, I think I need to invest in one of the new cartridges....the "Freshly Picked" one.

I grew up on the very farm that my little family now depends on for livlihood...(that and our specialty food business)....and as I reflect how it was THEN and how it is NOW...I'm sad to say, I don't have pictures of the THEN days....but I can have them for the my children can share with their children years to come...

So, today, close to the last day of cherry harvest....I grabbed my camera, my kids, and tried to document the day. Of course there are little distractions along the way...but, I have a few pictures to share! I'm running to the next place to be...I will elaborate later, add pictures later, and hopefully have a scrapbooked paged to share soon! yeah right....

Oh, my daughter had the liberty to use my camera...I do NOT like the way I look...but, cameras don't lie? PLEASE tell me I don't look like this! I've taught my children to NOT be are what you, I'm reluctantly posting an orchard picture of ME....oh well...someday, I'll show you the all decked out's quite the opposite, but, I am what I am...and...I'm ok with that! So, orchard me it is!

Next post...cherries 101....I'm showing you the light skinned ones, Rainiers, and the Bings (the ones that we are shipping out, our field man told us today that some are already being shipped to the stores, Japan, etc...)....



  1. What fun pics! And as to whether that REALLY looks like you or not I can't answer...I do believe this is the first-ever picture I've seen of you, Trudi! :) Thanks for posting these- I'm really enjoying them!

  2. Trudi!!!!

    What great pics! Thanks for sharing your life on the farm! It was soo interesting to read. I know what you mean about pics LOL!
    Wow, you and your family have a great business, you are one busy woman!!!

    Marilyn C.