Friday, June 18, 2010


This week, our ribbon rep stopped by our factory. He visits us 3-4 times a year, and we do our holiday buying...we have to think 6 months ahead, so this visit we were thinking obviously Christmas, but Valentines Day and Easter as well. Lately, I've been receiving numerous packaging catalogues and am seeing consistently Grinch colors are IN this year!!! That, and magical whimsicial colors. I'm wondering if the Alice In Wonderland craze has prompted all the fun wild trends, I for one, LUV it...

Every June, we start making our merchandising decisions, in a few short weeks, I'll be working on our holiday line. Last year, we stayed pretty close to red and green....the year before, it was all old fashioned....hunter green and burgundy...this year...I'm going Grinch. Of course, we will offer "tradition" can't go wrong with tradition. BUT...I fully intend to promote and design with some of these fun Citrus Green colors. Of course, we have fun ribbon coming our way....we managed to impulse's kind of hard not to when it is right in front of our face!

A few years 5 or 6 year ago.....a Christmas card I designed for a swap I was in...was done in Grinch colors. I liked it enough to make my daughter's birthday party invites similar...she's a holiday, we had a Christmas theme....I found my extras and thought for grins...I'd post the card for you all to see. My new ribbon shipment I suspect will be here in the next week or so, perfect timing for us to start our picture taking and making samples for the upcoming Giftshows.

I do have to say however, IF I plan on going Grinch on a personal level this year...I do need to stock up on the Green Galore cardstock (Stampin Up!)....this is one of many colors that are retiring!

I took a couple of pictures of our ribbon supply here in the factory. Each roll you see is a 100 YARD roll...and I only took pictures of a couple stands. (It's a mess, the big stand actually has rolls behind the ones facing out....)This is about 1/3 of the inventory...we literally have thousands of rolls...but, can ALWAYS find room for more!!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend....and it might be too late for me to buy Grinch (Green Galore) cardstock already....for those of you who need to load up before they are may want to consider it now!!!!!


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  1. WOW! Look at all that ribbon...I'd be in heaven! I got one of those 'grinchy' cards in that swap and I loved it!!! I CASEd your idea to make money holders one year for Christmas! I'm distraught that Green Galore is retiring. I used it all the time! I did stock up while I could...