Friday, June 25, 2010

The Cherry Process

I'm actually having fun with these pictures. My contribution to the overall process is MINOR...In fact, today, I reflected how little stress the whole season it passed all around me...but, I'm sure it was stressful for my husband...that, or he has it so organized that it's actually easy. I've had as many as 20 people working for me during a busy "candy" season...and that isn't for him to be able to pull all of this off with 40-50 employees.....I can't see how painless this can be....but, it seemed to, I won't question the meantime...a few more pictures...I have more to share...but, for now...this is it.

I'll bet many of you never imagined the "process"...or maybe you have...or maybe you don't really care! But, it really is a process...from the first blossoms in early March to now...when the precious fruit gets picked and sent out to we speak, our cherries are on their way to markets overseas, across the country, and probably a bit locally too....once it leaves's a whole different process!

The commercial season officially ended today at about 9 a.m. when all the pickers were paid and sent on their way....I did take semi truck pics though, tomorrow or over the weekend...I might share! I want to do something craft related...but, am a bit tired, and was reminded I have to finish a pie cherry tree tomorrow and a rainier tree or's all for sales at the place now, so it's up to me...the big stuff is over! I guess I'll be up with the chickens tomorrow! NOT....we don't have any chickens....I'll wake up when I wake up...just make sure it's before we open for sales.

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